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IGT Partners with Jackpot Mobile Casino to offer Exclusive Online Slots

Gaming giant IGT is all set to conquer the industry with its new move. The tech company has decided to collaborate with Jackpot Mobile Casino to come up with brand new IGT casino slots These will be the enhanced versions of the prior ones. The collaboration is going to work on the existing slots, as well as, come up with new innovative slots to capture the fancy of gamblers. Two of the previous IGT casino slots considered for this twist are Keystone Kops and Lucky falls- the Voice among many others.

IGT Partners with Jackpot Mobile Casino to offer Exclusive Online Slots

What to Expect in IGT Casino Slots?

The players are already very excited about this collaboration and are expecting a heck of fun when the new IGT casino mobile slot come in. The age-old Keystone Kops slot is set to get a makeover, so is Lucky Falls- the Voice. These popular games have been all-time favourites for gamblers all across the world. Now that the gaming behemoth IGT is looking to recreate them with Jackpot Mobile Casino, the gamblers have lost all cool and the wait is getting unbearable.

Keystone Kops Slot has quite a ‘lazed out’ theme!

The story of two lethargic police officers who are always up to something or the other has been portrayed in numerous movie plots. This is the revolving plot ground for the Keystone Kops casino slot.

The slots game by IGT featured the adventures or misadventures of these policemen who get into some trouble or the other as they go bumbling around the cases.

The players in these slots encounter a fun, light adventure where nothing ever gets too serious. The series of three live games tickle the gamblers’ funny bones and also give them a sense of adventure as they solve cases with the Keystone Kops. An old school player would especially like the feel of this old game out in a new avatar again.

The brightly coloured, high-end technology graphics add an extra edge to the game undoubtedly showcases IGT’s prowess. The game is best for newbies not looking to spend much with affordable penny slots for each of the three games in the series.

Make Some Noise with the Lucky Falls – the Voice Slot

Another game in the Lucky Lobster series, the IGT casino slot is ready to be launched in a made over fashion again. The adventures of the Voice will fill the gamblers with thrill and awe. Like all of the other IGT games, this online slot is also expected to be having high on technical front graphics and the best of colours.

There are several other casino slots that are about to be recreated and developed. What more this collaboration brings to fruition still remains to be seen.

Enjoy IGT Casino Slots at Jackpot Mobile Casino

Jackpot Mobile Casino provides a very user-friendly and smooth interface for you to enjoy uninterrupted gaming.