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Learn the Basic Rules of Online Three Card Poker

Online Three Card Poker ranks among the popular casino and gambling games that are played worldwide. The simple rules along with the high winning prize make this game form very popular among both young and old people. Jackpot Mobile Casino brings certain rules that you must know for playing Three Card Poker online. The tricks and rules are very easy to remember and apply in the game with great success.

Useful Rules That You Need To Remember In Online Three Card Poker

 Learn the Basic Rules of Online Three Card Poker

Usually, there are several divisions and regulations that you need to have an idea of while you are playing online three card Poker. If you are a beginner in the game, it is advisable that you first follow the proceedings to get an understanding and its features. The rules are as follows:

  • The dealer will be able to provide each player with three cards, and also has three cards for his own. The cards of the dealer cards will always be dealt in a face-down position.
  • A Player will be able to make a Pairplus or an Ante bet. In case the player has an ante bet, he or she will be able to either fold or raise the card.
  • In case the player folds the card, then the Ante wager will be forfeited. In case the player opts for the raise, then he will be able to come up with an additional play bet. This will be same as the ante bet.
  • The dealer needs to have a queen card in order to qualify. In case he is not able to qualify, then the player will get the entire Ante bet money and the Play Bet money
  • If the dealer is able to qualify, then the hand of the player will be compared with the hand of the dealer and whoever has the higher hand will win
  • In case the player is able to make the ante bet and has a higher or straight, then he will get the Ante bonus
  • In most cases, the Pairplus bet is based according to the value of the player hand poker value

Side Bets And Bonuses Help You Win More Money in Online Three Card Poker

When it comes to bonuses and side bets, there are quite a few to choose from in online Three Card Poker. Usually, there are two versions of side bets in the game. Both of them begin from £1 and have a progressive jackpot related to them. In case of the first version, the player is not able to get back the original wager, even if he is able to win. In case of the second version, the player is able to get a straight payment according to the original wager. According to the type of wager you have, you will need to choose the side bet. There are quite a few bonuses too in online Three Card Poker. Most popular among them is the 6-Card Bonus that is based on the highest five-card poker hand.

Playing at Jackpot Mobile Casino

Now that you know the basic rules, play now at the UK’s Jackpot Mobile Casino which provides a great interface to enjoy Three Card Poker online casino game without a hitch. Visit our casino site today!