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The Most Awaited Archangels Salvation Slots Launches this Week

The Archangels Salvation slots releases this 24th of April and the exhilaration in the air is thick enough to be cut with a knife. The spiritual plot indication hidden in the name of the new release is to be made public the coming week. This is surely triggering a surge of intrigue about the storyline. The speculations are rife that the plot in the game would be featuring supernatural elements of surprise. Still at least ten days away from the actual game release, the fans are indulging themselves in the guessing game over the theme and plot of the new mobile slot.

The Most Awaited Archangels Salvation Slots Launches this Week

The Interesting Experiment in Archangels Salvation slots

The video slot company NetEnt have decided to experiment with the game theme and things have got all spiced up in Archangels Salvation slots. The characters from Bible are expected to be featuring in the game with miracles and supernatural powers at display throughout the plot setup. The game is expected to finally show an apocalyptic face-off between good and evil. The 3D slot is about to portray the battle scenes when the angelic hosts of heavens wage battles against all the demonic evil present in the world.

What’s in for the Players?

Featuring over 100 paylines, Archangels Salvation slots is ripe with added benefits for the players. The slot machines in the game have been beautifully designed to adhere to the high expectations of the players. The graphic designers and developers of the game have assured the fans ahead of the launch to expect a visual treat with sensational free spins and offers.

The battlefield featured in the game also has two hotspot areas which turn any wild symbol landing on to them into two wild features. The game also consists of six reels which come with a wild feature unleashed by a two into two wild combined with the feature called ‘heaven’. These two conditions when coinciding lead to the creation of a stack of wilds which are awarded to the players.

A ‘Hell’ feature has been added too which leads to the awarding of 16 wilds in a single spin. Up to twenty-five, free spins are allowed in the game.

Stakes of Playing

The first round of the game can be played by investing forty pence per spin. The upper limit on spending has been set to 200 pounds. A side needs to be chosen before starting the play and the ‘Heaven’ and ‘Hell’ features can only be used according to the side chosen. Up to 150 coins can be won by using the wild symbols.

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With so many features on the table along with the backdrop of an epic battle between angels and demons, Archangels Salvation slots are undoubtedly the most awaited of all recent games. So, brace up fans, and wait for the release! Try Jackpot Mobile Casino for a wonderful Gaming experience.