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Roulette – Legends who didn’t settle for less

When it comes to Roulette playing, be it online Roulette or casino Roulette, almost every person who puts stakes on the table dreams of becoming the next millionaire. Though this shortcut to riches does exist, it has only worked for a handful of people. Here are some Roulette facts that you might not have known to keep in your mind, the next time you put down your money for a spin.

Facts about Roulette

  • Though the game is supposed to bring you tremendous riches and fortunes, the roulette wheel was called the Devil’s wheel because all the numbers add up to 666!
  • Though it might look like Roulette is only played by men, you will be stunned to know that close to 48% of people playing online roulette are women.
  • Even the plastic marker that is used to signify winning bets is called a “Dolly”. So much for a “male dominated” game.
  • The game was inspired to creation after a 17th century game called Roly Poly which was the first game to make use of a spinning wheel and a round ball for gambling.

Legends of Roulette

Online Roulette or casino Roulette, there have been people who have made some striking wins in the game. Though most of these legends made their wins on casino Roulette rather than an online Roulette table, they are still really commendable and inspiring.

Roulette Legend

Joseph Jagger

Joseph Jagger was one of the first ever people to win huge payouts from Roulette tables. He was an engineer by profession and perhaps this was the reason why he did not leave everything to luck. He sent his assistants to Monte Carlo to study the game and record observations. After years of compiling data, Jagger found out that some roulette wheels were biased. He set out straight for these wheels and made huge fortunes out of these biased wheels. Once the casino owners guessed his secret, they kept switching wheels each night and Jagger eventually quit, only to go home with what amounts to £3 million today.

Ashley Revell

Ashley Revell was a person who left everything to luck. He sold off everything he owned except the shirt he was wearing for a Roulette gamble. His credit at that time was $135,000. Ashley was facing closure and needed a lot more money to seal off his debts. So when the media found out about Ashley’s stunt, they started covering it too. When Ashley played his $135,000 spin, everyone held their breath while watching. His bet was a red, and that is where the ball fell getting him $270,000 which was more than enough to seal his debt and live a decent life.

Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo

While people like Joseph Jagger hired his assistants to find out biased wheels, Gonzalo was more of a family man! He travelled around casinos with his kids rather than assistants to find out biased Roulette wheels. After months of scouting he went back home and used his computer for data analysis to find biased wheels. Then he returned as a man on a mission and made millions out of these wheels. But things hit a rough patch when Gonzalo was caught and banned from casinos. However the lawsuits filed against him could not progress much, allowing him to stay rich.

Charlie Wells

Charlie Wells was a man who did not use the wheel bias technique to win millions. This legend was one of the first ever testimonies to the famous Martingale system of betting, and he won thousands of francs using it. Though he had to get his initial capital by cheating people, he was successful for two streaks making an amount equivalent to millions today. But at the end, he got a little too greedy and lost his entire life’s savings in the third streak and also got arrested for fraud.

William Nelson Darnborough

William Nelson Darnborough is a Roulette legend whose story is not as widespread as that of Joseph Jagger. Darnborough was originally a baseball player and was quite a successful one at it as he played for a number of leagues. He bought a Roulette wheel and practiced the technique of visual tracking wherein he can determine where the ball would fall as the wheel started spinning. After getting enough practice he visited Monte Carlo in 1908 and made close to £7.3 million in today’s amounts. He again went on 1910 and made another £5 million. Then he married the Duke of Argyll’s cousin Lady Frances and gave up gambling because the royal family did not approve of it.

Though these people did not play online Roulette and most legends made their fortune from some bias on the Roulette wheel, luck can smile on you as it did on Ashley Revell. Roulette is the easiest game to make good money and the chances are always 50:50.