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10 Surprising Facts about James Dean

James Dean was a very popular actor, but had a very short life. The world lost this brilliant actor when he was just 24 years old. But even in his short-lived presence in the world of movies, he surely made a mark, and his vibe still exists in the form of James Dean slots. Dedicated to this brilliant actor, James Dean slots is inspired from his roles as a cool guy, which he actually was!

James Dean slots game

  1. 1. His two front teeth were fake!

Considering his fan following even in his short-lived career, James Dean had more of female fan following. And we do not blame them, he was really good looking! But who knew the gorgeous smile is actually backed by two fake teeth? In an accident in his family’s barn, James lost his front teeth and got fake ones implanted.

  1. 2. He was near-sighted!

What? He wore glasses too? It seems what looks perfect from a distance was not actually flawless.

  1. 3. He got his first break in the industry with a soft drink’s commercial.

Before he became popular as a rebellious teenager on-screen, he was seen in a famous soft drink ad!

  1. 4. He had insomnia.

Wow, this is interesting! A young man with fame and success in hand, and still an insomniac? Now this is really surprising!

  1. 5. He loved playing Bongos.

No, he wasn’t just a good actor, but was into music as well! A perfect artist, after all.

  1. 6. His favourite song was ‘When your lover has gone’.

He might look cool in his avatar, but he surely did have a soft heart. This is authenticated by his taste in music, after all Billie Holiday touched many hearts then and still does now with his eternal music. We are not surprised that James loved him too!

  1. 7. He died in accident a month before his most popular movie was released.

Sad enough, James was not alive when the world appreciated his work in ‘Rebel without a Cause’. The movie did fairly well at the box office, but James was not around to witness the success of it.

  1. 8. He was issued a speeding ticket before the accident.

James loved his cars and the speed they were capable of. He was issued a speeding ticket just two hours before he met with the accident that claimed his life. His love for cars is also reflected in James Dean slots.

  1. 9. He was not alone in the car at the time of accident.

James was accompanied by his mechanic, Rolf Wuetherich. Rolf survived the accident with major injuries, but James could not.

  1. 10. He was nominated twice in the Academy Awards.

Just two movies old and he was nominated in the most prestigious awards! What an achievement!

James Dean was truly a legend in his time. Though he had a very short life, but made sure he will be remembered for long. And with James Dean slots available to play, it is undeniable that he was really a favourite of many.