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Celebrate the Chinese New Year with Best Chinese-themed Slots

The whole world celebrates New Year on the first of January, but the Chinese have their own age old traditions to follow, and so they celebrate their new year according to the lunisolar Chinese calendar. It is good to follow the traditions of other regions once in a while, and even the slot addicts can do so in their own way – by playing the best Chinese-themed slots on Jackpot Mobile Casino!

Chinese-themed Slots are Different and Vibrant!

Whenever we think about China, the colour red pops up in our mind and that is so because this colour is held with high regard in their festivals. While the whole world might be busy with the Valentines, the Chinese are preparing for their New Year. Following the traditions of their ancestors, this festival is celebrated not only in China, but surrounding countries as well. Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, and the Philippines too consider it as an important festival.

Chinese themed slots games

So what if you cannot be physically present there to enjoy the New Year, you can still be a part of the far east land by playing Chinese-themed slots like Lucky 88, Emperor’s Garden, and Choy Sun Doa on Jackpot Mobile Casino and add a little flavour of China to your gambling life! There may be many other Asian themed slots, but there is something about the oriental theme that attracts us more.

The Chinese believe in the number 8 as it depicts luck and immortality and hence Lucky 88 slots. This slot has the jackpot 888 coins and if your lucky number is 8, then is the one to try for. Emperor’s Garden slots game is the one which is a very calm slot where you get to stroll in a typical Chinese garden and experience the soul-touching peace. And if you still believe you need to get more into the oriental east, try your hands on the amazing Choy Sun Doa slots game. Running successfully since its launch, this slot will certainly take you into the interiors of China and close to their traditions.

Chinese-themed slots might be very few in number, but they are very entertaining and rewarding! You are showered with gold coins even in the smallest of wins. Chinese New Year is just an excuse to give you a taste of the real Chinese traditions and lots of gold coins. Whether the golden dragon attracts you, or the amazing and unique features, Chinese-themed slots are astounding! Order in from your favourite Chinese take-away, sip on fresh Chinese tea, and start spinning on the amazing slots now! Find them only on Jackpot Mobile Casino!