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Top 10 Facts you Didn’t Know About the Aliens Movie

Aliens was one groundbreaking film when it was released way back in 1979. Sci-fi was a genre that was just getting explored back then and adding an element of horror, action and suspense was something that people didn’t quite expect back at the time. But after its release, the movie did inspire a lot of other filmmakers to bring about their own version of the extraterrestrial visitors and this is itself one of the biggest credits that Ridley Scott, the maker can bow down to.

Jaw-dropping Facts of Aliens Movie

There are some little known facts behind the making of the movie, and these facts about the Aliens movie can leave you awestruck and even make you rent a tape to revisit it.

  • It was Harrison Ford who was initially considered for the role of Dallas. But the actor turned it down and it passed on to Tom Skerritt. But when it comes to the role of Ellen Ripley, there was some really stiff competition between Sigourney Weaver and Meryl Streep but it eventually went over to Sigourney Weaver.
  • The eggs you see in the movie or more or less Kane sees in the movie was not exactly made of plastic or other cheap substitutes. For realistic effects, Ridley Scott made use of cattle hearts and stomach.
  • If you remember the famous facehugger scene in the movie then you probably might be surprised when you find out that the tail you see is actually sheep intestine!
  • The movie is ranked at No.7 in AFI’s 10 greatest sci-fi movies and the famous chest bursting scene in it is one among the top 100 scariest movie clips ever.
  • A keen seeker of originality, only Ridley Scott knew the exact details of the chest bursting scene and left the actors to experience things themselves and used 4 cameras and just a single shot to make sure that their expressions and shock was captured and no modifications could he made to keep things pristine.
  • The original illustration of the alien in the movie Aliens has eyes. But to make it look heartless the beast was given a furious look and no eyes.
  • The slime used in the movie was K-Y Jelly.
  • If you think those tendons looked realistic and Ridley ripped through dead bodies for it, you’re wrong! Those tendons are made of shredded condoms!
  • Ridley Scott made Yaphet Kotto annoy Weaver behind screens so that there would be great on screen tension between the two.
  • The actual Aliens movie was set to have a very dark ending where the Alien rips off Ripley’s head and uses her vocal chords to send a message to the earth. But the Universal Studios didn’t want things to go that dark and so the movie’s ending was altered.

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