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Don’t Be a quackpot, Try Doctor Love on Vacation!

Don’t go for a quackpot when you have Doctor Love on the rescue! Whether on a vacation or at his workplace, Doctor Love will cure all the gambling madness for you. Jackpot Mobile Casino ensures none of its users fall for the quackpot, who claim to have a better expertise than our beloved Doctor Love.

Quackpot or Doctor, what’s your call?

Doctor Love and its sequel Doctor Love on Vacation are two popular slots on new mobile casino. Though the second one is the sequel, it has a lot of different goodies to offer. Doctor Love is all about curing your health and wealth problems, and Doctor Love on Vacation has all the solutions to your problems right on the beach! What to expect? Patients flaunting their suntans, Pina Coladas in everyone’s hand, and our very own handsome Doctor Love with his brilliant smile – this much and much more, which you can never get from other quackpots.

There is a reason why doctors are doctors and others are not! Isn’t it best for us to stay away from such quackpots? If we can take precautions in our real life, why ignore our online gambling? Keep distance from the fakes and trust Doctor Love! He is not just another handsome man on the block; his smile can cure all the diseases. And if you play his slots, you are just going to have a longer and wealthy life!

Doctor Love slots and Doctor Love on Vacation slots are two mobile casino games with very different themes. While Doctor Love is all about hot nurses and hospitals, Doctor Love on Vacation is about the beach and cocktails. Whichever theme interests you more, go for it! Both versions of Doctor Love will take away your woes, whether it is with his hospital skills or with the fun quotient on the beach.

Doctor Love Slots

Doctor Love Paytable

Set your bets, click on autospin or spin manually – and enjoy the coins that fill your pocket. This time it is not the hospital bills you pay, it is your account that gets full of gold. Enjoy amazing features that are tagged along – Wild, Scatter and Gamble features. While both the slots are pretty simple to play, they have even a better payout! Watch out for the wilds and you will end up having more than you can think of!

Doctor Love on Vacation Slots

Doctor Love on Vacation Paytable

Can a quackpot give you that? Not at all! All they can give is some advice which is not reliable at all. So why go for something not authentic when you have Doctor Love to your rescue? With a little love and lots of cash, have the most amazing gambling experience on Jackpot Mobile Casino. Play from your smart phones, tablets or PCs – anytime and anywhere! The charm of Doctor Love will steal the show when you spin and win. Be richer only on Jackpot Mobile Casino.