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NextGen’s 300 Shields to go Wild on Jackpot Mobile Casino!

NextGen’s ‘300 shields’ is a theme game based on the famous movie 300 and is now available for all the Spartans around the globe. This game is all about the MADMEN where honour and glory matters. It’s not about the words that King Leonidas chooses it’s rather about the decisions that gave him glory. This game has highly rewarding game play, which allows brave and courageous people to win graceful amount of money.

300 Shields is a Breathtaking Slot Machine!

It is said that only a Spartan woman can give birth to a real man and only a real gambler can take all the winning of 300 shields home. 300 shields is all about the thrill and glory that can be found in a battle field only. But Jackpot Mobile Casino has brought it to your mobile phones.

You will not find any potter, sculpture or a blacksmith in the army of Spartans. All you will find is the barbarous swords and shields of the Spartan warriors. The most amazing and highly paying symbol of 300 shields is the shield of Spartans itself. It is the scatter bonus symbol of this game and it holds the power of mighty 300 Spartans that eventually defeated the Persians.

In this thrilling war game, every time you get 3 or more shields at the same time, 5 free spins with 2x multipliers is awarded to you. Once you get these 3 shields all you have to do is get more and more shields to make a strong wall that could hold thousands of Persians. Again, if you encounter 2 or more shields during the first 5 free spins then additional 5 spins are awarded to you, but this time you get a 5x multiplier for those 5 free spins.

You only get more here!

The best part of 300 shields is that it lives up to its name and thus the fun of shields doesn’t end here. It rather keeps on increasing. Because if you again get 6 or more shields during the 5 free spins awarded consecutively after the first 5 free spins then additional 5 free spins are awarded to you and this time you get a 25x multiplier. Now if you again get a total of 12 or more shield symbols during these 5 free spins, then you a get colossal 300x multiplier for the next 5 free spins. So, 300 shields is not just a game, it’s a MADNESS! And only a courageous Madman can play this game.

This game is a must play for all the 300 fans. It is one and only slot game that is not just about the money but it’s about the glory and thrill of being a part of those heroic 300 Spartans who fought for their nation. As King Leonidas said the Spartans fight for glory! The Spartans never retreat! The Spartans never surrender! Spartans fight! They win or they die! Similarly, this game is about the gamblers who are not afraid to bet whether they win or they lose! Whatsoever they do they do it wholeheartedly!