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Arrival of 243 ways of winning in mobile casino games!

It is said that the only thing that doesn’t change is change itself. If a change is evident, you just can’t stop it. But what’s better than a change? It’s the transformation. A transformation is a change that retains the previous characteristics of a thing and just adds few better things to it. The arrival of this technology in mobile casino games is not a change it is a transformation in the world of online casino. With 243 ways of winning, there is more fun and more winning possibilities in your gambling. This creative technology is designed to give you more money, more number of wins and more fun.

The simple mechanism of 243 ways of winning!

Now the most important and basic question that comes to mind is what does this 243 ways of winning mean? In simple words, it is nothing but just 243 possible payline patterns that are provided to you for every single spin in a game. It means when you spin in a game designed on 243 ways of winning technology, you have 243 different chances of getting a win. That is amazingly big! This pays you every time you get 3 or more same symbols on adjacent reels from leftmost to rightmost column. And this happens a lot!

Pay lines vs 243 ways of winning

What’s fun in a gamble with restrictions? A gamble is something that gives you all or takes it all. Paylines restrict your winning probability. After all, what is 10, 20, 30, or even 60 paylines in front of enormously big 243 paylines? 243 ways technology is nothing but just 243 paylines only. Another disadvantage of payline based games is the selection of paylines. Sometimes a player doesn’t bet on a winning payline and at the end of the spin gets disappointed. Which payline to select and which to leave is always a very big problem for players! In 243 ways technology you always have to bet for all 243 ways with a comparatively very small amount. So this makes your every bet eligible for getting winning amount for all 243 ways.

Significance of 243 ways of winning

This technology came into existence in around 2009. Before the release of this technology, games like Cash-a-pillar were a big hit because of their huge 100 pay line patterns. A player always wants more; there is no end to a man’s need and greed! Even 100 pay lines couldn’t satisfy a gambler. The only reason for that is that very restriction. Why 100 if he can have 243?! This very feeling gave rise to this high paying amazing technology. These 243 ways gets even better when wilds and scatters are brought into the game play. A wild is something that substitutes for other symbols. Getting such symbol in game which has 243 winning possibilities gives a player a great opportunity to win.

Some legends of online casino world are based on this technology only. It is 243 ways of winning only because of which we have Choy Sun Doa, Cash Stampede and many more amazing games in the world of online casino. Get more at Jackpot Mobile Casino!