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Different types of Progressive Slots

Are you looking for that one single life changing win when playing the slots games? Then Progressive Slots are the ones to play. The slots are popular and the most played casino games, both in the online and land based versions. Considering that they make millions for the players, through these slots, basic understanding of what it is, how they work and their types is important.

What are Progressive Slots?

A Progressive slot is similar in all respects to the regular slots except for the jackpot. Playing a regular slot game; the casino mobile slots or the land based version is simple with the winning payline giving you the jackpot. This depends on the payouts given for the different game symbols and the gameplay of that particular game.

The Progressive slot, on the other hand largely depends on the increasing jackpot. A small amount/value is contributed to the increasing jackpot, by the player for every bet that they make on the game. There is no fixed value for the jackpot and it keeps on increasing until one player wins the amount.

This contribution can be from a network of interlinked slot machines in a single casino, or through different online casinos. Since thousands of virtual machines are interlinked, such slots can grow quite fast. It continues to grow until one player wins the pile of money, after which it resets to the starting value.

To win, the player needs to place maximum bet and on all the paylines.

Types of Progressive Slots

Of all the mobile casino slot that the players end up playing, such slots hold a special glamour. The thrill of winning the life changing amount on a single spin, is the pulling force for the players. There are different variations that the players can select from.

Standalone Progressive Slots – More commonly seen in a land based casino, it is distinct with the flashing progressive slot meter showing the current jackpot value and of course, the excitement seen in the people surrounding them. The jackpot is not connected to any other slot machine. This amount increases when a small percentage of the coins used to play, contributes to the jackpot. The jackpot amount is comparatively small as it is not connected to any of the networks.

Local/Proprietary/In-House Progressive Slots – Such slots are linked to a network of slot machines, within a single casino. The mobile slot games are developed in house by the casino or by the gaming provider. Sometimes, the jackpot can be linked together even though they are housed in different casinos. It’s because the same gaming provider supplies the games to these establishments. The jackpot is bigger than the standalone ones.

Wide Area Progressive Slots – These are most popular and widely played slot games. Linked over a network of different casinos, the jackpot grows through the contribution of thousands of players. The jackpot can runs into millions providing the life changing opportunity for the players.

The big infrastructure costs involved in setting up a wide area progressive slot, limits the casinos. As a result the payout percentage is smaller for these slots.

Random Progressive Slots

Sometimes the game providers develop games which dole out the progressive slot randomly. It depends on the individual slots gameplay.
There are other categories, which are specific to certain slot games. Sometimes called as the Mysterious progressive slots, it usually comprises of two types – the Minor progressive and the Major Progressive slots. Usually it works as an interlinked multi-tiered progressive slot. The players can win small but regular minor progressive slots, while playing for the big but infrequent major progressive slots.

Handy Tips for Winning on a Progressive Jackpot Game

Now that you know the different types, certain tips will come in handy when playing these games.

Keep sufficient backup bankroll when playing them. The maximum bet should be placed on all the paylines to have a winning chance. The player should note that different slot machines have different betting limits.

Always keep tight control on your budget. You will never win every time you play for them. The allure of trying to win the progressive jackpots sometimes makes the player go overboard with their betting limits. These tips and tricks will tell you how to win the Progressive Jackpots.

The wagering requirements, T&Cs of withdrawal of the jackpot amount should be noted, before playing these games. Read the fine print before playing with real money.