18 Sep

If casino game characters were on Tinder!

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Tinder is changing and making new rules to the dating culture. A free location based mobile app, it is creating a dating revolution, breaking the rules and the acknowledged ways of dating. So imagine the situation where the top casino slots game characters make an appearance on Tinder! It would be a laugh riot swiping through the Tinder profiles and finding matches.

For the uninitiated, Tinder picks up your uploaded pictures from Facebook and builds your profile using your basic personal information. It matches potential dates based on your geographical location, common friends list and mutual interests. You can anonymously swipe right to like a match or swipe left to move onto another match.

Coming back to our imaginary scenario; here is a round up on the top slots game characters, which will make it to the Tinder list. Would you swipe right to like them or pass them over by swiping left? Take a wild guess on who will hook up with each other.

Wizard Merlin: Witty, magical and quirky with a hint of madness

Our first profile is the magical odd ball, Merlin. White flowing mane, robes with the slightly weird and comical glint in his eyes, he is your knight in white armour (pardon the pun) with a magic staff for getting you out of problems. Do you like Merlin’s Millions or his re-spins, which will be the plus point for swiping right on his profile? He is definitely a piece of work, when it comes to transforming symbols into wilds and adding more wins. Hook up with him at Tinder, and you’ll get a front row seat to the magical bonanza.

Mr. Fox: Rich, savvy, wily and perfect family material

If the foxy and savvy Mr. Fox was not already picked up, then you should swipe right for him. Immaculately dressed, he’s the perfect family material, taking his kids on a cruise or spending time with them. Indulgent to a fault, he’s lavish his wealth on those he loves. Smart and intelligent, he offers the Super Bet option to all those who are risk takers like him, to win big! Definitely a big right swipe from me!

Miss Midas: Sexy, beautiful with a Golden Touch

Bold and beautiful, Miss Midas is your perfect date for the night. She’ll let all your fantasies come true (strictly censored!!) as she makes her way across the reels. She’s wild and extremely finicky. You will just have to lure her at Tinder with the Super Bet feature to feel her Golden Touch. There is no stopping her from showering her wins, once she’s under your grasp. Pair her with Merlin and you’ll have a totally magical date unfold on your screens!

Medusa: Totally awesome in her snake hairdo!

Medusa is a fashionista with a unique sense of style. Looking perfectly comfortable with a snake hair getup, she’ll rock the fashion world. If her stony stare doesn’t scare you then you will thoroughly enjoy her company. Scary on the outside, she’s a big softie inside; proof is her being generous with her treasures. She just wants to have fun while it lasts.

Holly Madison: Ex Playboy bunny with an attitude

Gorgeous, ravishing and an attitude to match, Holly Madison has it all to keep your date interesting. Being an ex Playboy girl has its perks. Already famous, she’ll add to your girlfriend’s dossier list. Pretty and perky, she’ll blow kisses for every win that you get when playing the game. Keep collecting her kisses and she’ll make your day (wink night!)

Upstanding Brit: Stiff royalty with an uptight nature

Standing guard in the British Queens land is an honourable job. Plus, with service duties, there is little time to enjoy. Nevertheless, you’ll find the jolly old bugger, finding time to enjoy his little pleasures like fish and chips, a cup of tea and driving the Red Bus. He is the Best of British there is to date.

Norman Bates: Dysfunctional psycho maniac

Here is one Tinder profile which will definitely get stroked left instantly. Norman Bates is your nightmare coming true. No one wants to end up dying while in the shower. Even if you take the risk of dating him, be prepared to bolt at the first sign of trouble. Just get the winning jackpot before turning him to the authorities.

Cave Raider: Adventurer, explorer and go getter

Yours truly will be away from home for most of the time, digging, exploring and facing dangers. Here is an adventurer and globetrotter bent on finding hidden and long lost treasures. Hop on for a roller coaster ride to the edge of the world and we’ll warn you in advance, it’s going to be hot and humid for a long time.

Private Investigator: Curious, suspicious and detailed

You can’t hide anything from him. Going on date with him, will have you forever on your toes. Fresh from solving the underworld gang war; he is ready to mingle and have a normal date. Fit as a fiddle, he is your debonair hero in times of trouble. Like him and you’ll enjoy the constant secure feeling at Tinder.

Long John Silver: Sword wielding Plucky Pirate

Get a taste of the high seas, as he’s your modern pirate. Dressed up in pirate outfits complete with cutlasses, caps and eye patches, there is plenty of action during your date. Join in the make believe world of pirates and hunt for the sunken wealth.

So what’s it going to be? Who will be the lucky one to make it to your Tinder’s list of potential dates? Swipe right or left and begin your new dating experience!