18 Sep

Hunger Games Mockingjay slot game!

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Remember Effie Trinket’s quote from the Hunger Games:“May the odds be ever in your favour”. We’ll make it our tagline for our pipedream mobile slots game.

Imagine if Katniss Everdeen, the strong willed, brave, and action packed heroine of the Hunger Games franchise, jumps over to the casino slots world. Here’s your chance to let your imagination run riot and wild. We’ll give you full freedom to come up with your own storyboard for this gem of an idea for the slots game theme.

There is already a card based mobile game from Kabam who in association with the studio Lionsgate has released its new mobile game, Hunger Games: Panem Rising. It is being released just in time for the November 21 screening of the third sequel to the popular Hunger Games franchise – The Mockingjay Part 1. Already creating a buzz in the entertainment world, it’s only a matter of time before fans start clamouring for the movie trinkets and souvenirs.

So go ahead, give your best shot (intended pun) at creating one of the most anticipated slot games!

The Plot: Uncover the best online slot game

Our Hunger Games: Mockingjay slot game, unfold with a quick back story of the movie. Naturally, you’ll find the movie’s characters showing up on the reels as game symbols and scatters? So how many of them do you think will show up in this fight for freedom?

Katniss Everdeen: The ultimate girl power shown in full glory is the first and obvious choice. Dominating and powerful with a hint of fragility around her, she’ll die for what she believes and loves. A reluctant hero, she becomes the saviour when she steps in place of her sister as a Tribute, in the annual Hunger Games Tournament.

Katniss is seen entering the war ravaged Panem District along with her team members in the suicidal mission to help them revolt against the absolute tyranny of President Snow.

Peeta Mellark: A trusted friend and potential love interest for Katniss, Peeta is only stable person in her life. He is the male Tribute alongside Katniss who represent the District 12 in the Games. A baker and artist by profession, he uses his skills many times during the competition to save others. He is also known for his oratory skills, which even Katniss uses for convincing the people of Panem in their revolution.

Gale Hawthorne: The best friend and skilled hunting partner, he is the true love of Katniss. Circumstances and war force them apart even as they fight against President Snow. Plus, he unknowingly killed Katniss’ sister Primrose, through an explosion. He leads the rebellion in the District 12 in her absence.

Haymitch Abernathy: The only survivor of the Tournament from the District 12, he is a douche bag filled with contempt, sarcasm and hostility. An alcoholic, who is forced to mentor all the Tributes who are selected from the district; he is shrewd and canny in devising ways and strategies to ensure their survival.

President Coriolanus Snow: He’s the thorn in Katniss life. Completely obsessed with ruining her life, he is the unconditional authority in the Panem District. He will manipulate anyone to get his work done using veiled threats of harming the loved ones. His sadistic and manipulative nature is his downfall and failure to curb the revolution. His famous quote is “Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear.”

Primrose Everdeen: The baby sister of Katniss, she is the reason for her being the Tribute of District 12. It is in her place that Katniss volunteers to fight in the Hunger Games. She is kind, gentle and is the driving force for keeping Katniss alive during the tournament.

The other symbols which can be a part of the slot game are the Mockingjay Pin. The symbol of rebellion is Katniss favourite pin. It is quite symbolic as it is used to mock the Snow’s authority.

The Three Fingered Salute can also make a fine entry to trigger the bonus games or the free spins.

So who do you think will show up as regular symbols in our future Hunger Games Mockingjay slots game? Do you want to play this game? Participate in our poll and we’ll let you know the results soon!