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Down The Rabbit Hole, surprising revelations from Holly Madison!

Being a former Playboy girl definitely has both ups and downs. Just ask Holly Madison and she’ll vouch for it in her memoir book, “Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny”.

Hefner certainly know how to woo women and with his reality show “The Girls Next Door”, it only shows that age is just a number. The young at heart Hefner, courted many girls old enough to his granddaughters. But as they say, behind every rosy picture, there is always a dark one lurking beneath.

In her book, Holly recounts Hefner’s megalomaniac streak, possessiveness, sexual permissiveness and many more secrets. She shares details about living with Hefner as his Bunny girls along with Kendra Wilkinson, Bridget Marquardt, Crystal (Harris) Hefner and many more.

Since breaking up with him and moving out of his mansion, she has started a new life with Pasquale Rotella, 41. They have a two-year-old daughter, Rainbow.

Fact or fiction, Holly Madison reveals all

Holly Madison supposedly suffered from depression during her relationship with Hefner. She revealed that she contemplated suicide once. Anti depressants was a regular part of her life, before she overcame her dependence on them.

Holly revealed in her tell all book, that the first time she met Hefner, he had offered her Quaaludes, also known as “thigh openers” during the 70s. She refused to take it; only to be one of his Playboy girl’s months later and move in to the Playboy mansion.

The master manipulator that he was, Heffner would often pitch the Playboy girls against one another and enjoy the show. They would often have disagreements and fights, during their stay at the mansion.

More particularly was the feud with Kendra Wilkinson, which to this day is not resolved by both of them. Both claimed that the other was at fault and won’t budge from their stand.

A family unites two persons and bring them closer. Atleast, that’s what Holly Madison thought, when she was living with Hefner. But the medical reports of Hefner didn’t allow them this option. She took it as an indication of the life she was living and what her future would look like, and took the bold step to leave him.

Hefner’s money power didn’t hold her back. Holly recounts that Hefner tried to manipulate her by trying to add her name to his will. The only condition was that she stayed with him. Of, course Holly refused, saying that it was an insult.

A self confessed Disney fan, when Holly planned to celebrate her birthday there as always, Hefner put a spanner to her plans by inviting all her friends to join him there. It was a ruse to make them choose between them. As expected, many of them refused to accept both their invites, stating that they didn’t want to get mixed up in their fights.

Post her break up with the Playboy owner, she hooked up with the master illusionist, Chris Angels. But, it was like jumping from the frying pan into fire. Holly Madison was scared that he would eventually physically assault her, although he never hit her. He was known for his anger and she feared when it would explode.

Holly Madison hinted that Hefner’s current third wife, Crystal was unfaithful to Hefner and was probably having an affair just like his earlier wives. The runaway bride had earlier left Hefner at the altar, before marrying him in 2013.

Another juicy revelation concerned the NFL Hank Baskett and Playboy girl, Kendra Wilkinson. Their love story and eventual marriage almost never happened. It was rumoured that Hank was wooing another Playboy girl, before he was introduced to Kendra, and the rest is history.

Grab your copy of her book and judge for yourself, what the life a Playboy bunny is? If you’re into reality shows and the make believe world of glitz and glamour, then Playboy is the perfect fit. Let it pass otherwise.

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