24 Sep

New Scratch Card Games on Jackpot Mobile Casino

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The fascinating Scratch Card Games we have always loved to rub to reveal puzzle pieces and symbols goes online now! Well, maybe the charm of scratching the silver panel is gone, but the excitement to know what’s inside remains the same. Traditionally, the player has to find the answer through the symbols lying under the silver panel of their scratch card, and if done correctly, the player wins a cash prize. The online version of these cards is no less exciting with its amazing 3D effects. Scratch card games have also become popular online for various other reasons – like they are pocket-friendly and the chances of winning are more than in a regular lottery. A game that is fun, not at all expensive and can fetch you money – Scratch card games are the best thing around. And with them even available on smartphones, lets the players enjoy them on the move.

Foxin Wins Scratch

From a few pennies to millions, winning from scratch card games can be anything! Earlier, to get a scratch card, you would have to run around the streets to get one, but now, it’s all available on your fingertips, and not just that, you get to choose from so many of them! Not possible on that favourite shop of yours, was it? There are always new scratch card games being updated, and even now there is Foxin Wins Scratch, Merlin’s Million Scratch, and Medusa Scratch to look forward to. You never know which comes with a better luck to you! Very soon you will be able to play with the above mentioned games, along with hundreds already serving addicted-players out there! Simply purchase it online for literally ‘peanuts’ and get your rewards in millions!

Scratch Card Games are made for all!

Suitable for every pocket, scratch cards can be fetched online from as low as £0.20. If you still think it’s not the same fun as real scratch card games, then you are wrong. These days, online scratch card mobile casino games have graphics that are astounding! Along that you get real time sounds with amazing background effects that create an ambience for an enjoyable game. Some scratch card games also come with an option of a virtual silver coin, which can be used on the virtual silver panel – making it as real as possible. With all the treats to your senses, there are also increased winning chances online. Even a little win satisfies the inner player of us.

A few pointers for the beginners though. It may sound easy to win, but it is not the same always. Winning on the scratch cards depends a lot on your fortune – there are no cheat codes or shortcut to it. Scratch card games don’t follow any pattern so they can’t be analysed as well, but if you can channel your luck – there is no question of losing! But unfortunately, we can’t do that. So rely on your instincts. Also, never invest all you got here, always set a limit to what you can spend or loose in a week or a month to avoid any unfavourable financial circumstances. Let’s be a practical here, it’s real money we are talking about!

Now that you are scared enough, some positive thoughts before you start your game. If you think that your fortune is on its peak, start raising your bets and win much much more. If there is luck, there is money, loads of money out there. Just be sure that it is your time – the right time. Scratch Card Games are the new favourite these days because of the minimum risk involved, so get yourself out there and win it all, before your favourable fortune hides back again!