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European Roulette

Roulette is one of the classic table games solely based on luck and chance. It is widely popular and enjoyed by millions of avid gamers across the globe. And so, we at Jackpot Mobile Casino, bring to you an invigorating range of Online Roulette games featuring the best graphics and sound effects on your fingertips. 

If you are someone who enjoys playing luck-based and straightforward games , without the hassle of learning complicated rules and techniques, then, European Roulette is the one for you. Well, if you are wondering why and how, read on to know more about the game in detail. 

How to play European Roulette?

European Roulette is a simple and easy game. Typically, the game components consist of chips, tables and the Roulette wheel. All the players are required to do is simply choose in which numbered slot they think the spinning ball in the European Roulette wheel will land. They also have to choose a number or a range of numbers by placing their bets on a particular position on the Roulette table. The European Roulette wheel layout is pretty much the standard layout of Roulette with no changes. 

One of the major differences lies between American Roulette and European Roulette, wherein in the American version of Roulette, there are 38 slots when compared to European Roulette that consist of 37 only. The slot that is missing from European Roulette is the extra zero. This is certainly a big difference that affects the house’s advantage to a considerable extent. Precisely, in American Roulette, the house advantage is 5.26% and in European Roulette it is 2.7%. 

Earlier, the European Roulette table actually used to have two zero slots and over time, one zero got phased out over time, while the double zero remained across the wheel. 

Did you know?

The early wheels in the casinos in Paris had a single and double zero pocket, one in red and one in black. Eventually, the colour green was chosen for both zero slots, as to set them apart from the rest of the numbers. These two slots on the wheel were reserved for the house, giving it a major advantage over the players.

Later it was in the year 1843, a single-zero wheel was introduced by the Blanc brothers and this soon proved to be more popular than its predecessor. This reinvention of the wheel was a huge success as it reduced the bank’s advantage over the players by half. It was here where the split between European and American wheels actually took place. Before the Blancs’ version of the wheel got popular in Europe, the double-zero variant had already been imported into North America.

The bets and payouts in European Roulette online

Bets in European Roulette can be very specific, ranging from betting on specific numbers for instance. For instance, betting on the ball landing on an even number. The bets can be broadly classified under two classes namely, inside bets and outside bets. 

Inside bets refer to the area ‘inside’ the table of numbers on which the player places his or her chips. With inside bets the risk of losing is predictably much higher, but consequently the possible winnings are much greater. On the other hand, outside bets are those that are literally ‘outside’ the numbers drawn up on the betting table. They include betting on the result being red, black, even, odd, or in one of the six divisions of numbers; 1 – 12, 12 – 24, 25 – 36 and the three columns. Outside bets are the easiest way to cover the table and increase your Roulette odds of winning. The risk with outside bets, however, is much lower when compared to inside bets. 

Keep in mind that the house advantage for both inside and outside bets is the same. There is no particular European Roulette strategy in this regard. All you need to do is simply aim for is to strike a  healthy balance between the outside bets and inside bets.

Useful European Roulette tips and strategies

As already mentioned earlier, European Roulette is completely based on luck and chance. Hence, there is no one strategy that can guarantee you a win. So do not completely rely on gaming strategies as it can ruin your gaming experience to a great extent thus emptying all your bankroll. 

If you want to play for a long duration, then, you have to learn the tact of balancing your bets between high-risk inside bets and low-risk outside bets. This is what a good European Roulette strategy looks like. 

Well, there are numerous Roulette betting systems that include Paroli and Martingale, that are considered as the best ways to wager after winning or losing a round. In your online gaming journey, you will come across a number of mathematicians or professionals who will claim to have used some unique betting system to beat the Roulette ball, but remember it is only in the talk. 

You will definitely be in a good position if you learn to play with a clear head with complete focus on your bankroll and the types of bets. This will in turn help you in controlling and maintaining your bankroll in good shape without giving any room for uncertainty and risk. 

What do we have to offer?

European Roulette is no doubt one of the most fascinating table games given its easy rules and simple game design. We, at Jackpot Mobile Casino, provide you with the best European Roulette experience from the comforts of your home, anywhere, anytime. 

You can instantly access European Roulette on multiple gaming platforms including smartphone, tablet, iPhone and iPad. All the casino games streamed at our casino are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The gaming interface is super-smooth and hassle-free. You can play right from your couch by grabbing exclusive casino bonuses.

Also, our priority has always been providing utmost safety and security to all players. That being said, all the confidential information submitted by the players are well-protected. We utilise the latest Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology that ensures authenticity and reliability. In addition to this, we offer a number of flexible deposit and payment options wherein you can easily and quickly make deposits without any third-party interference. 

Furthermore, we offer a full-fledged customer support system. The players can instantly clarify their doubts and concerns with our representatives via email or telephone at any point in time during their gameplay. 

So stop procrastinating and get set for an exciting iGaming adventure by discovering European Roulette right from your couch with us. Sign up now! Happy spinning folks!