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Exploring the James Bond Roulette Strategy

There are a variety of betting strategies that you can use to play online roulette. Certain will require a higher stake , whereas others require you to reduce the stake.

It is named after Ian Fleming’s famous James Bond. James Bond is a betting system that uses flat stakes on each spin.

Bond might be among the luckiest gamblers in the world, but will the system named after him be beneficial for gamblers? Let’s explore the James Bond Roulette Strategy.

How to Apply the James Bond Roulette Strategy Depending on Your Bankroll?

Compared with other casino games, betting on the roulette strategy of 007 is simpler. To play this strategy, James Bond roulette betting systems require $200 or $20 in the account.
However, this amount is required for those who apply the strategy.

The money is divided into numbers ranging from 19 to 36, around 140 dollars. The $50 is put on the numbers 13-18 on the table, and the rest of the money is allocated for insurance purposes for the risk of playing.

How do you think the James Bond Roulette Strategy betting system works?

Bond was known as an avid and fortunate gambler during his numerous adventures on paper and screen. Baccarat was the most popular game preference, though Bond occasionally tried poker and roulette.

The James Bond system is used in roulette, and it’s a simple system that needs 20 stake units. Bets will be made on a range of sections and the numbers.

The concept is to cover the majority of potential outcomes, and the gambler can make a bigger long-term return. In reality, every number is included, except for 1-12.

European Roulette is used for this type of system. The table has 37 numbered pockets, including one zero. This is how the bets on the James Bond system are sized:

14 units:

Outside bet 19-36

Pays 1/1

5 units:

Inside bet 13-14-15-16-17-17-18 (the betting on the 6-line)

Pays 5/1

1 unit:

Inside bet 0 (single zero)

Pays 35/1

James Bond Roulette Strategy system in practice

Let’s take a look at how the system functions in real-world situations. The biggest stakes are placed to the side bet, and it pays less but will be more likely to be entered. At the opposite end of the spectrum, only one unit of money is bet on the one number with the odds of 35/1.

If 19 were to appear during your first spin at PS1 an amount – you’d be able to get PS14. The 6-line bet, as well as the zero bets, both would be lost, which means you’d have PS8 gain.

If your spin produces the number 14 and you succeed, you will receive PS25. Take away PS14 and PS1 for the other two loser bets, and you will be left with PS10 gain.

If your spin ended up with zero, you’d be awarded PS35. Subtracting PS14 and PS5 will leave you with PS16 gain. If the spin is 1-12, you have to increase your stake for the next spin by using the Martingale method.

Benefits and drawbacks associated with this system

The benefits that come with this James Bond system are clear. The player can cover one number and can make a profit on a 6-line while also securing their bets using an outside bet of 1/1.

The issue is when you factor in losing spins. The James Bond plan doesn’t cover the numbers 1-12, so there is a chance that you are on the losing side. If you’re using the Martingale when you lose spins, it is possible to trigger huge downswings.

Like all games played at casinos, European Roulette carries a house edge. It’s about 2.7 percent (in American Roulette, it’s nearly twice that at 5.26 percent). This means that you’re most likely to lose over the long run when you play roulette. If you go further into the James Bond betting system, you’ll see that it’s a statistically losing strategy.

If you turned the wheel of roulette 37 times, and each number in the game (e.g., 0, 13, 14, 15, 16, etc.) was a single number, it would result in PS20 on the wrong side of the table. If you were on the wrong side of the PS20, a downswing for every 37 numbers isn’t an ideal strategy.

James Bond Roulette Strategy System

The Original James Bond Roulette Strategy

The James Bond roulette system has maintained the same strategy over the years, but with slight changes to allow players to make more money. The initial James Bond roulette strategy did not include any progressive system to increase your bet amount in stages when you lose.

If luck is in your favor, it is not necessary to apply the progressive betting method, and you can keep the same bet sum until the end of the session. The 007 roulette system is more secure than other progressive strategies.

The Basic Ideas Behind James Bond Roulette Strategy

The betting strategy lets players not just focus on the initial bets placed at the start to play. Suppose you have a set amount of bet you won’t have to drain your bank account by making huge deposits.


Like many roulette strategies like this, the James Bond staking plan has its advantages; however, players will always be against downswings and the house edge. If you’re interested in the idea of a system based on progression, You can also play the Martingale system, in which players make even-money out bets. Give them both a go for free to see what you prefer.