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What does it take to become a high roller in online gaming?

A High Roller if read in detail refers to a ‘star’ or ‘hero’ in the world of a gamble. Often, High Rollers are the ‘whales’ in the gambling world. So basically a high roller is distinguished from the other players, the reason being that a high roller consistently bets a large amount of money. Due to this consistency or loyalty of wagering a heavy amount of money, he is given this title of being a ‘High Roller’. With the title there often follow some perks. If we see land-based casinos, they enjoy perks like they are offered private jets for an easy commute, the top suites available in the casinos, also higher credits are available and many others. Now if we see in case of high rollers online games, the perks may obviously vary as compared to the land-based casino games.

What does it take to become a high roller in online gaming?

Why the High Rollers tag?

This tag comes with a special motive, for the player as well as the casinos. These are the players who possess high-end skills and love for casino games and most importantly, their pockets allow them to spend lavishly on these games. Such players are like a blessing in disguise to the Casinos. Also, by offering perks to them it is a win-win situation as for the casino the loyalty of these customers will be maintained as they would be motivated, this will be like a cherry on the cake situation. As for the players, they already are the masters, offering perks to them acts like a lubricant for them to continue the gameplay.

The definition of high rollers is not limited to one, but basically high rollers are the ones who not only have the skill and expertise but a lot of money to try the different permutations and combinations. They do not fear losing money as compared to other players. They enjoy an altogether different status in their world. It will not be wrong to say that High Rollers are the Celebrities of the gambling world.

Welcome to the world of a High Roller

The High Roller perks though different in the online world and the land-based casinos, but they do enjoy privileges.

If we see in case of mobile casino games or mobile live casinos in order to be considered as a high roller, the prescribed amount to be deposited is $10,000 at major platforms.

The more they play, the more the benefits. Amongst the many perks following are the few they enjoy:

  • The pay-out times are faster as compared to other players. Waiting in the queue is not what they have generally experienced.
  • They are offered many gifts and rewards.
  • There are different casino platforms available for High Rollers.
  • They have access to some amazing events which are available only to high-end players and not for all the players.
  • After all, who does not like the fame game. Along with perks comes the coveted status.

What does it take to become a high roller in online gaming?

What does it take to earn the privileged status?

Rome was not built in a day; likewise, it is not possible to become a high roller in just a game. One has to be consistent; also, the casino should feel he has the potential to enjoy that privilege.

If a person bets $1000 per hand, he is obviously going to get better treatment than the one who bets $100.

Also, it is not as simple as one big bet, and there you go, of course, you have to do better than that.

So what one can do to get the tag in a nutshell:

  • The larger the bet, the more you get: So yes, the fundamental is the more you bet, the more is the probability of you reaching the eye. This is standard even in new slot games
  • A hefty deposit may help: How much should one deposit, there is no particular standard to that; however, some platforms, for instance, may consider $50,000; some may raise the bar to $ 1, 00,000.
  • The first impression is important: It is often said the first impression is the last impression. High rollers usually place big bets at the beginning to make a mark and also at the end to leave a mark.
  • Enter the VIP Club: In the case of online casinos, they have a separate VIP Club where they offer loyalty points, and the perks are determined accordingly.
  • Choose the right platform: Choosing the right platform is super important; if you play at smaller casinos, you stand a larger chance by betting huge.

Is the gain worth the pain?

After all, this one would think that is it really worth to get this title? Well, high rollers are rewarded with so many incentives; basically, casinos, online or land-based would take care of you like a VIP. Isn’t a sponsored trip to a resort or travel in a jet plane worth it?

Online platforms that offer the features of a live casino in the UK or live casino online amongst the others offer great benefits. So, let us fasten up the seat belt of the coaster to spin the title of the High Roller.