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List of Popular Online Casino Games That Offer the Lowest House Edge

When scrolling through the games lobby of an online casino, you’ll find hundreds of casino titles that have some exciting features and offer the best payouts. Online gambling sites offer you classic casino games like Blackjack, Roulette, Keno, Baccarat, Mobile casino and Bingo. Also, they offer a wide variety of slot machine and video slots games.

Before you start playing these games, it’s important to know their house edge, as casino games with a low house edge tend to have a higher chance of winning money. When the house edge of a game is high, it’s disadvantageous for you as a player.

So, we have compiled a list of the casino games that offer the lowest house edge.

List of Popular Online Casino Games That Offer the Lowest House Edge


With a knowledge of the basic rules of Blackjack and by implementing the correct strategy, players can easily reduce the house edge to 1%. The strategy will be based on certain rules that will take into account the player’s pair of cards alongside the dealer’s upcard, and inform the player how to proceed.

In order to reduce the house edge even further, find a Blackjack game where only a single deck of cards is being used. As there is less variant in cards, the house edge reduces significantly.

The exact house edge depends on the variant being played and the cards dealt, but there is a significant difference between a single deck game and a two-deck game.


Just like online Blackjack UK, there are a number of poker variants, each with its own rules and house edge. If you want to play a low-risk poker game, you can try the Three Card Poker.

You can also play the Jacks or Better which has a low house edge of 0.46%. This assumes that the game is full pay and you’re using a basic strategy. If you play without a strategy, the edge is bigger for the casino, so make sure you have a strategy sheet when playing.


The game of Baccarat is quite popular at land-based and online casinos alike. It has one of the lowest house edges of all casino games, and unlike Blackjack, this is relatively unaffected by the number of decks being used at the table.

While some online casinos offer single deck Baccarat, the most common variant of the game uses six or eight decks, which offers a house edge of 1.06% on Bankers bet and 1.24% on Players bet. However, when playing online casino Baccarat games, it’s best to avoid betting on a tie between the two, as the house edge soars to 4.93% on a bet tie of 9:1 and 14.4% on a bet tie of 8:1.

List of Popular Online Casino Games That Offer the Lowest House Edge

European Roulette

Unlike other casino games like Blackjack or Poker that involve the element of skill, Roulette is a game of pure chance. Also, it has one of the lowest house edges, but only for the European version. The difference between the European and the American variant is that the latter’s wheel has an extra pocket, bringing the total number of pockets to 38, one more than the European version.

Yet the payout for a single win number on both games is same at 35-1. The one additional pocket decreases the odds of winning and increases the house edge from 2.7% to 5.26%.


Despite the payouts not being as good as Blackjack and Poker, Slots are the most popular games at online casinos. The competition in the industry to offer the best slot games means that game providers are constantly adding extra features and bonus rounds. To reduce the house edge, you must seek out for those features, as they often make a significant difference between winning and losing.

It would literally take days or even months to try out all the different slot games, so make sure you check out the best online slot games.