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Amazing Bingo facts that are sure to captivate you!

Bingo is a game that has been extremely popular all over the world over the years. It is a classic game that has weaved a lot of stories with experiences of people across the globe. There are a lot of facts related to bingo and plenty of instances to share about the exciting and rich past of the game and its evolution with time. If you are a big Bingo fan, you will surely be intrigued by the Bingo facts presented here. Bingo jackpots have always been popular and exciting. Online Bingo games are being preferred by a lot of people as they can avail offers and discounts as well as earn rewards sitting right at their homes in comfort and solace.

Here, we ‘re going to dive into some of the fascinating elements in the history of the 

the game, take a look back at its beginnings before exploring some of the key Bingo facts and figures that have emerged over the years.

Amazing Bingo facts that are sure to captivate you!

Bingo facts – History and Lore

The past time Bingo has been around for quite a while. The following instances reveal how old is bingo, and it will definitely surprise you.

Bingo is:

  • 442 years older than Magnavox Odyssey’s first game console (1972) 
  • 455 years older than the first game of Super Mario Bros console (1985) 
  • 482 years older than one of the greatest hits in mobile casino gaming, Candy Crush (2012)

Bingo is said to have been developed in Italy in the 1530s. Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia is believed to have been a lottery game that bears more than a mild resemblance to the Bingo Online game that we know and absolutely loves to date.

Growth around the globe

From Italy, the game of Bingo and its concept started spreading to the rest of the world. It was played in France in 1770s after Italy as per some credible sources of reports.

How did the game get its name?

The biggest moment of the game was probably when the toymaker Edwin S Lowe discovered it. While it was then known as ‘beano,’ he went on to develop his own version, and inadvertently shouted ‘Bingo’ after a player! ‘To signify that she won, the name is said to have been stuck.

After this incident, the game spread rapidly and was played widely all around the world, with a significantly large following in the UK.

How did the game get deployed online?

As the years passed by, the popularity started decreasing gradually with several other games being launched and played every now and then. After decades, the game got its life back when there was an emergence felt for online bingo services. Bingo Zone is believed to have been the first website to offer the game when it was launched in 1996 but has since been followed by many other, much more sophisticated online Bingo in UK providers.

Amazing Bingo facts that are sure to captivate you!

With the advent of internet facilities and technologies, it became possible to play Bingo online with the game available to play on smartphones and tablets games. It became hugely popular, while many bingo sites also feature slot games for playing.

Top Bingo facts by numbers

  • 70,080 was the number of people who took part in the biggest Bingo game ever which was held in Bogota, Columbia in December 0f 2006 and made it to the Guinness Book of world records.
  • 493,824 people played Bingo online to make it recorded as the biggest web Bingo game by an online Bingo generator in September 2010. The organizer was Coca – Cola Japan, and the location was in Tokyo, Japan.
  • A cleaner in the UK named Soraya Lowell won £1,167,795 in a Bingo game. It is said to be the biggest sum ever won in a UK Bingo hall.

Top Bingo facts by country

  • Germany: Bingo became a hit in Germany in the late 1800s, and the concept of winning the game has been used to support the education of mathematics and spellings in the past.
  • USA: The first modern version of bingo was created in the USA. It remains a popular game till date and has been operated by churches and charitable organisations too over the years.
  • Romania: The game was introduced in Romania in the early 1900s, but it eventually became the number 2 country rank wise, when it comes to the popularity of bingo.
  • Japan: Bingo was introduced in Japan in an online manner, and it is currently the second-largest market for the web-based versions of the game.