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The Role of Multipliers in Online Casinos

Just about every slot is equipped with multipliers and no that is not slots magic. The role of multipliers is simple enough in that it serves to boost the value of wins and adds a fair dose of joy to online slot gameplay.

Role of multipliers in online casinos

Most multipliers double and triple wins, though there are slots with multiplier values of 10x and above. There are also different multipliers types in existence.

So, tune in as we explore exactly what multipliers are and why they should be covered.

The Slots Magic In Multipliers Is Pretty Profound

Now, online slots in the present day are normally equipped with an exciting range of features. Among these are multiplier values.

These multiplier values serve to boost wins. Most slots have multipliers of some sort, though quite a few are not equipped with these. To know which slot has multipliers and which do not, players are advised to check out the paytable, as that is where such important information will be provided.

The details of some online slots magic multipliers are quite easy to grasp. Others though are a little bit difficult to properly understand. Then some multipliers boost the value of wins, while others boost the total wager and line bet value.

Time To Get Based And Multiplied

Usually, base game multipliers are as rare as hen’s teeth. In most cases, multiplier values are activated during the featured free games or are randomly activated during gameplay.

Should folks indeed discover an online slot that is equipped with a base game multiplier, the multiplier value multiplies the payline value. Thus, should the applicable multiplier be listed at 3x, and a 5-of-a-kind win gets recorded, players can expect to be blessed with a 3x the value of the winning icon.

Time To Spin It Up And Multiply

Free spins multipliers are the most commonly encountered type of multipliers. Such multipliers have different features according to slots magic.

Thus, some free spins multipliers award random multipliers. Others have a designated multiplier value and award this as necessary.

There are even a few slots where players can select their preferred multiplier value. In such cases, the bigger the chosen multiplier, the lesser will be the amount of awarded free spins.

Time To Scatter And Multiply

There are some slots in which the scatter icon also works as multipliers. In such slots magic, there is no need for the scatter icons to make an appearance on the winning paylines. They are instead able to land on any reel location and still form a winning combo.

Wild And Happy

Multiplying wilds are quite popular. They are simply wilds that double as multipliers.

Thus, whenever a winning combo involves such wilds, the value of the wins is boosted by the applicable multiplier. In most cases, the value of the multiplying wild is set at 2x to 3x.

A Big Dose Of Slots Magic

There are quite a few slots games with some sizable multiplier values. Most of these are made by the most popular software providers on the market and are worth a look.

While multipliers are awesome, they still do not guarantee big wins. Rather than rushing to play any slot with a sizable multiplier value, folks are encouraged to take time to carefully consider all aspects of the game before deciding if this or that slot is worth their time.