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Discover a Splendid Range of Online Slots

At the Jackpot Mobile Casino, the UK mobile casino, there are slots and then there are other slots that rank way above their peers. This is accomplished through such means as excellent gameplay mechanics, sweet graphics, innovative bonuses and the like.

range of online slots

The latter type of spin casinoslots is splendid in all respects and fully capable of ensuring that players get regularly taken to the moon and back. As for a list of these splendid slots that dwarf anything else on the market, read on and get to know more!

Splendid Slots Aplenty At Spin Casino

Now, the most splendid slots at the spin casino, Jackpot Mobile Casino are listed below in no particular order. Read the list below:

  • Thunderstruck And Loving It – the Thunderstruck slot was released far back in 2003 and is still one of the most popular and most played slots on earth. Made by Microgaming, equipped with 5 reels and 9 paylines and featuring a Norse theme. Bets per spin here cost as little as 9p and apart from a host of theme-related icons, a wild wait in the wings dying to double the value of all wins that it is a part of. A free spins mode is featured where all wins are tripled in value. Overall, this might look like a simple slot, but punches far above its weight class and does not relent till players have been dipped in an immense vat of enjoyment.
  • The Winning Foxin’ Is At It Again – The Foxin’ Wins slot makes it’s a way right from the stables of NextGen Gaming. It features a rather well-groomed fox who has a taste for the high life and is loaded enough to afford everything in view. The graphics here are very much attractive and there are 5 reels and 25 paylines in place for folks to get thrilled to the limit on. The Foxin’ Wins slot has no less than 4 separate bonuses, any one of which could make players’ dreams come true at any time.
  • The Vikings Cometh Spin Casino – the Vikings slot is simply peerless, and we are not being hyperbolic. This slot is themed around the HBO TV series of the same name and has the sort of high-grade graphics. It is generously equipped with from 5 to 7 reels and has from 243 to 78,125 ways to win. Gameplay characters here are all from the eponymous TV show and the cost of bets per spin is surprisingly affordable. As for bonuses, this slot has no less than 3, one of which enables max wins of 10,000x the stake. Yes, 10,000x. Overall, this slot is as splendid as they come and a champ.