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Progression System – Strategy to Win Big in Online Slots

The progression system is used by many players in the hope of hitting a decent sized win on the online slots. The main requisite to use this system is to find a mobile slot game which can be played for 1 line per spin at a cost of 1 penny. The idea is to keep on playing these small bet spins until you hit the bonus round and henceforth you play the slot with a maximum stake for taking back home decent payout.

What Kind Of Slot Is Required To Play With Progression System?

The slot should have a minimum bet size of 1 penny (i.e. 1 line can be played per spin). Secondly, it should have a bonus game like free spins round to be able to hit some decent returns from the game.

Progression System Strategy to Win Big in Online Slots

How Does This System Work?

After you have selected the game that correctly fits the profile, you need to find out how many spins on an average does it take to hit the bonus round of the game. An example is the Microgaming slots. It takes an average of 135 to 150 spins to hit the bonus rounds. So now, you play this number of spins. It won’t be heavy on your pocket because remember that you playing with a bet size of 1 penny, hence the total cost will just be up to £1.5.

Afterwards, you are required to play all the lines with the maximum bet. For example, if there are 25 paylines, you play all of them with 10 coins per line which will amount to £2.5 per spin.

The idea is that the initial 150 spins that you have played will make you quite closer to trigger the bonus features. And since you are playing with the maximum bet, you ensure a decent sized win for you.

In case, you hit the bonus round within the initial spins that you play, you simply play the same number of initial spins again after the bonus round.

Does Progression System Really Guarantee Big Wins?

Nothing about success is definite nor is the case here. Slot games depend a lot on luck and this system is a just a way to try your hand at a handsome payout.

When to Stop Playing?

A general rule is to collect any big wins that you make and not keep on playing until you lose all your winnings. If you double your initial stake, it is a handsome amount to walk away with. This is the most important part of a healthy and entertaining gambling experience.

There are a variety of slots out there with such a wide range of themes and bonus features to choose from. The progression system takes you one step closer to make the most out of such games but you should know where to draw the line and stop playing.