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When to Use Gamble Feature in Online Casino Games?

Often, players are confused when to use the gamble feature present in many slot games. At times, the payouts are very less as compared to the stakes placed. Who will not love elaborately multiplied payouts oozing out of the gameplay? Many slots thus provide the gamble feature giving you the chance to multiply your bets enormously. Though most slots today come with Jackpots of various kinds but the probability of hitting them is quite less.

The reason is complicated specifications in the rules of slots for earning the Jackpots. The gamble feature thus adds that extra fun and definitely some quick money making way in your pockets.

Gamble Feature – When to Be Used!

Using Gamble Feature in Online Casino Games

Well, quite understandably, the players are always in a dilemma in deciding if they should choose the gamble feature option while playing their favourite slots. It is recommended to be used when the payouts earned are less as compared to the stakes put in. So, if you lose all your winnings while choosing this feature, you will just be maximising your loss in an already losing situation. However, if you manage to win in this case, you cannot boast more about your decision of taking up this option.

Always Secure a Part of Your Winnings

Some slot games give players an option to secure at least a part of their winnings and play the gamble feature with the rest of the amount. Say, you can save 50% of your win amount and play the gamble with the remaining 50% of the amount. This ensures that you have something to take home despite losing in the gamble. This is a creative way to indulge players in making use of the feature and proves to be beneficial for them too. So, every time you win, ensure to safeguard half of your winnings before you again opt for the feature.

Idea is to Maximise Your Winnings

Due to a significant house edge in casinos where the players are given certain guaranteed wins, the gamble is quite a risk in playing slots.  Thus, a risk-averse person should strictly avoid exercising this feature. But, if you have that innate desire for huge wins, then this is the best option. Especially when you aren’t lucky enough in grabbing those game jackpots.

According to popular opinions, the feature should be used calculative and wisely and not just out of impulse. So, as soon as the amount of your winnings have exceeded the amounts you have staked, you should immediately stop, so that not to dishearten yourself at the end of the gameplay by losing all your winnings.