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What is Refusing All Wins Strategy in Online Casino Slots?

The point to be highlighted before even going into the details of Refusing All Wins strategy in mobile casino slots is that the player should have a really big amount handy to stake. The reason behind this is that the strategy is described by that fact that you need to stake each and every penny you win until the time you win the jackpot of the game. Now how exactly does that happen? Well, you will need a little more detail on that.

Basic Design of Every Slot Game in Online Casino Slots

What is Refusing All Wins Strategy in Online Casino Slots?

Every slot game is designed with a certain return to player percentage which means that the slot will pay an average payout to most players. This means, that every time a player loses the loss of the player is recorded and to keep up with this percentage, the casino has to make the player win at a certain point of time. However, there is no guarantee as to how much time would that take. Thus re-iterate what has already been said above, you need to have a big bank balance to refuse all your winnings to wait for that big jackpot.

How Does This Strategy Work?

There is gamble feature in online casino slots game. With this feature, every time you win, you will gamble the win amount and further stake it. This is done every time until you incur a loss. You can also collect your wins and gamble them at one go. This forces the slot to draw out the big jackpot to balance out the return to the player as programmed in their functioning, in both online and offline slots.

Points to Consider Before Working on This Strategy

  • This strategy is only suitable to those who are great risk-lovers since there is no certainty of an assured win.
  • Moreover, there is no timeline for incurring that big win and hence for you to rely on that.
  • This strategy can be practised in only those slots which give the gamble feature in every win.
  • Most Microgaming powered slots has this feature in their slot games, however, it may not be present for each win that the player incurs. Games like Harveys or Ho Ho Ho makes you gamble all your wins and even the ones obtained in the free spins rounds.

Also, online casino slots games have a certain limit to the number of times you can gamble your win. Usually, this number is five as you are allowed to gamble only five times in a row.

If you win three times in a row on the gamble feature, and that you have received a respectable amount, it is recommended to move to a different slot as if a player wins five times with the gamble feature, the player should consider it as equal to winning the jackpot of the slots game.