If you ever hear the howls, then it is the pack of wolves loitering in the deep, dark, thick forests. Wolfpack Pays slots is the latest game from the famous slot game developers NextGen.

Wolfpack Pays Slots Specifications and Gameplay

Wolfpack Pays slots has 5 reels and 243 ways to win. It also has a diverse betting range that appeals to all types of players. Although the gameplay of this slot is specifically designed to provide you with big ones. So, if you are looking for frequent wins to break even this might not be the slot game for you.

This slots game has a theme that is obviously related to a Wolfpack. Therefore it is no surprise that the game has a background of a mountainous forest with wolves both on the reels and the background. The other symbols include diamonds, clubs, hearts and spades all made out of brightly coloured gems. All in all this is a visually amazing looking slot game. The sound effects perfectly compliment the theme to add that extra zing to the game playing experience you get from this game. So, one has to say that NextGen has dedicated a lot into making this slot.

Amazing Features

The unique selling points of the game are the Wolfpack feature and a trademark On a Roll feature. According to NextGen, this slot was made with a desire to create a slot game that has a great consecutive wins feature. Yes, a lot of other slots have this feature in them too but the problem is during the consecutive wins rounds in other games if a player loses one, he loses everything. But the special Wolfpack feature in this game comes with a built-in safety net which means that the player need not lose everything if he loses one round during the feature.

Wolfpack Pays slots also has other features such as the wolf wilds. These symbols appear randomly during the base game and also are added during the start of every free spin. Not only that but an extra 5 wolf wilds are added during the Wolfpack feature.

Wolfpack Pays slots is a game made especially for those players who love the big wins. The slot is highly volatile and perfectly suited to dish out some really tasty, big and juicy wins. The slot also looks great visually and is a treat for those who like their slot games to not only play great but also have a certain appeal visually. The gameplay with all those bonus features make this slot as enjoyable as any other slot game out there or if not even more. If this slot becomes available for you to play, you got to play it. Otherwise you would be missing out on something really great.

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