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Dazzle Me vs Crown Gems Hi Roller Slots – A Quick Comparison!

Crown Gems Hi Roller slots and Dazzle Me are like the two kings from which it is difficult to pick your side. While the kings battle it out on Jackpot Mobile Casino, let us do a quick comparison of the two amazing slots.

It is NetEnt vs Barcrest, More Than Dazzle Me vs Crown Gems Hi Roller Slots!

Both NetEnt and Barcrest equally excel in what they do, and it is really difficult to choose the better one from Dazzle Me by NetEnt and Crown Gems Hi Roller slots by Barcrest. But what we can really do is put up a comparison between the two, and let the players pick their favourite themselves!

Similar Themes!

Both the slots feature gems and so their theme revolves around it too. While Dazzle Me is more quirky and modern, Crown Gems has a touch of sophistication and luxury in it. Dazzle Me will give you a sunny backdrop, literally taking you to the sets of Baywatch, while the latter will give you a simple backdrop to look at. You will see crowns and gems, as its name suggests, and all they point out is at luxury.

Symbols And Features

Both the slots sport the beautiful gems of rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and so on, and will take you to an all new world of sparkling gems. While Dazzle Me has 7s and bells as basic and low-value symbols, Barcrest have brought in their favourite playing cards as low-value symbols.

Dazzle Me will keep you busy with its wilds and scatters for a long time, but the same cannot be said about Crown Gems Hi Roller slots. There are no wild or scatter symbols in there! And this is something not to be disappointed about! We say so because the Hi Roller features is more than enough to take your mind off the minor wins a wild symbol can give you. In the Hi Roller feature, you can choose to activate it at any point of time. For five spins, you can choose to stake high. For instance, for any five spins, you can bet £20 for 20 paylines. This goes on like £30 for 30 paylines, £40 for 40 paylines and the maximum of £50 for 50 paylines. Since the stakes are high here, the RTP also crosses 96%.

And this does not mean that Dazzle Me slots is far behind! It has Linked Reels to offer, which can give a good boost to your winning spree once you are at it. Wild bonus feature and free spins also make sure you win big! With as much as 16 free spins to offer, and with it the Linked Reels, you for sure know what is in store for you!


Whether you play Dazzle Me slots or Crown Gems Hi Roller slots, they both are highly entertaining as well as rewarding in their own way. Jackpot Mobile Casino has both of these super amazing slots in its kitty, and it is for you to choose your favourite out of the two!