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5 Surprising Wins in Football!

With the football season around the corner, there is craze about the best football stars all over. But do we really know who the real stars are? There have been some amazing premier league matches in the past that we can only dream of watching in Euro Cup 2016. Football is somewhat predictable when you know the players and the coach and all other things that make a team strong. But there have also been times when the underdogs ruled out the strong players. Can’t recall any? Let us do that for you!

Historic And Surprising Wins By Real Football Stars!

  • 1995 – Blackburn vs Nottingham Forest

A team that was much behind their opponents in the points table won a match with 7-0 as the score! Yes, that happened when Blackburn faced Nottingham Forest in 1995. And they did so when almost everyone was sure that after losing 7 matches consecutively, there was no hope for Blackburn. Kudos to the heroes of the game – Alan Shearer, who scored a hat-trick and Lars Bohinen. These Football stars rose to the occasion and took home the trophy.

  • 1996 – Newcastle vs Tottenham

It is really unbelievable that this 7-1 victory of Newcastle when they had scored only 5 goals in all the 7 previous matches, and won none of them. Their opponent, Tottenham had been winning matches, but may be that wasn’t their day when they lost to Newcastle by such a margin. Thanks to the football stars Alan Shearer, Rob Lee, and Les Ferdinand.

  • 1999 – Newcastle vs Sheffield Wednesday

Well, you can say Newcastle loved to surprise its supporters, and only in good way! This time, they were at the bottom of the points table, and then football star Alan Shearer saved the day with five goals alone! With a defeat of 8-0, Sheffield Wednesday must not be expecting this at all from that year’s underdogs!

  • 2007 – Everton vs Sunderland

Sunderland was in their best forms in 2007, but then Everton took them by surprise when they defeated them with a 7-1 victory. Anyone will be surprised on how a team that had not performed even once in the league won such a match? Still a mystery to all!

  • 2008 – Middlesbrough vs Manchester City

Football fans know about this historic match for sure, since both the teams have never been the same since. Changes in coaches and strategy let the teams by storm and Manchester City had to face a defeat by 1-8 from Middlesbrough. Till then Manchester City had bagged two trophies of the premier league, but this loss really turned the tables!

5 Surprising Wins in Football!

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