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Online Mobile Slot Terms/Glossary

For a new online mobile slot player, to enjoy the game as well as dealing with how to play the slots game, you must be familiar with the common terms or lingo of the slot game. To avoid all the confusion and become a good slots player, here is a list of the terms which are commonly used in the Online Mobile Slot games.

Terms used in online mobile slot games

3 Reel – A online mobile slot machine which has 3 reels.

5 Reel – A online mobile slot machine which has 5 reels.

Autoplay (Auto Spin) – It allows the software to keep spinning until the funds run out, the selected number of spins is completed or the player disables the feature. The bet placed is same for the spins.

Bet – To begin the game, the player must make a wager based on the number of coins and the amount for each payline.

Bonus game (feature) – It is an extra game or feature, which will allow the players to earn extra money without placing additional bets.

Coins – Commonly used to indicate the amount of bet and the prizes that are won.

Coin Size – It represents the size of the bet for a single spin.

Flash Slots – These use the Flash technology, which allows players to play the games without download.

Free Spins – It is offered as part of the bonus game or feature with no extra bet being placed by the player.

Fruit Machine – Usually seen in the UK, with features like hold, nudge and bonus games.

Hit – the term used for describing a winning spin.

Jackpot – The biggest possible win that can be won on a online mobile slot machine.

Line Bet – It refers to the activated payline with the bets placed on them.

Max Bet – The maximum coins that can be wagered for a single spin. Usually for winning the progressive jackpot you need to place maximum bet.

Multi-line – A slot machine which has multiple paylines. It can range from three lines and go over 100 depending on the gameplay.

Multiplier – It refers to the value by which the winnings from the bonus features or free spins are multiplied and added to the final win of the spin.

Payback Percentage – It is a percentage of the winnings that the machine will return back to the player.

Pay Table – The information provided about the bonus features, bonus games, the individual symbols and their payouts.

Payline – A line which enables the player to land a winning combination. These may be horizontal, vertical, or zigzag. It can start from 1 and end up with more than 100 depending on the game.

Payout – The amount which is won as per the winning payline and the pay table.

Progressive Jackpot – It is a jackpot which continues to grow until it is won. For every bet which the player makes, a portion of it is contributed to the jackpot. It is part of a network of slot machines, which is connected over the LAN or the Internet.

Progressive Slots – A network of slot machines which has several slot machine linked over the LAN or the Internet. The jackpot continues to grow until it is won.

Random Number Generator (RNG) – It is a computer program which determines the final position of the reels. It will select one of the possible outcomes randomly.

Reels – The spinning tubes on which the symbols are embossed. Usually 3 – 5 reels are seen on the online mobile slot machines.

Scatter Payout – Any payout that is awarded without the symbols having to line up. It usually triggers the bonus features, when 3 or more of the symbols are seen on the reels.

Select Lines – They are the number of paylines that are selected on the slot machine.

Short Win – The player wins the jackpot without paying more.

Slot Tournament – A tournament where the player plays against a pool of online mobile slot machines.

Slot Type – Refers to the online mobile slot machine that can be the basic slots, bonus slots or progressive slots.

Spin – The Spin button which triggers the reels to spin, which determines whether you have won or lost.

Stacked Wilds – The entire reels are piled with wild symbols to create more winning chances.

Stop – The final position when the reels stop spinning. This determines the winning payline.

Symbols – The image on the reels which determines the wins. It can include anything which is consistent with the theme of the online mobile slot game.

Trigger – The condition seen on the reels, which causes the game to enable the bonus features, bonus games or the progressive jackpots. It is usually a combination of the symbols on the activated paylines which causes this event.

Tilt – Commonly seen in the land based slot machines, where a malfunction of the machines, voids all the wins. It can be because, the machine has run out of coins, or a coin is stopping the machine.

Video Slot – It is a virtual online slot machine which is commonly seen in casino website.

Wild – A symbol which will substitute for the other reel symbols, to create a winning payline.

Win – A combination of symbols on an enabled payline, which will award the player with coins/credit, as per the payout table.

Zigzag – Used to describe the lines that can be created for landing a winning combination. It can be cut across the reels in many ways.