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Mobile Casino Player Wins Record £4.4 million!

A lucky Nordic player earned a huge £4.4 million windfall while playing the Mega Fortune video slot game at the LeoVegas casino’s mobile gaming platform. In Swedish krona it is equivalent to SEK53 million before the conversion. The equivalent of SEK53 million, is valued at €5.7 million as per the January conversion rates.

Requesting anonymity, the new millionaire from Sweden has confirmed that this jackpot mobile casino was won with just a £1 stake on January 11. There is not much information aside from the fact that the winner used the tablet for playing.

Mega Fortune – A Record Setting Slot Game

A UK senior manager, Shenaly Amin, at the casino, has pointed out that this £4.4 million jackpot was the largest in the mobile casino win history. He also pointed out that players would now recognise the winning potential at the casino.

Mega Fortune video slot is the Guinness World Record holder for the largest ever win that it has given to any player. The record massive win for this video slot was €17.8 million in January 2013. Later in September 2014, another player named Anton also earned a fortunate £2.2 million playing this slot game. What makes this news more interesting is that it is the second major win on the Same Game.

Mega Fortune is a three tier progressive jackpot video slot that increases in value. Gaining reputation for giving away millions as prize money, Mega Fortune will now be viewed as the record setter for yielding the biggest mobile slot win.

The NetEnt has a vast collection of other progressive online and casino games. Speaking about the huge win, Simon Harmon, chief product officer with NetEnt mentioned that the jackpot win will highlight “the winning potential of our pooled jackpot portfolio and also it is the second big win at the LeoVegas casino.”