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Blackjack double down: When you should and when should you not


Have you ever heard of the “cash” move in the popular online Blackjack game? A little movement of your fingers that can give you twice your profit in seconds. Gamers and professionals tagged it “deep hollow.” But for most of us, we call it “doubling down.”
Blackjack double down is an intriguing move in the Blackjack game. Using this move, you can double your initial bet after your first two cards. However, you can only get one more card. The risk is on the high side. Therefore, it’s important to know when best to double down and when not to, so as to increase your winning potentials.

When to Double Down

Blackjack is available on live casinos as well as mobile casino. And here’s the good news, the best strategies have been carefully selected using the numerology prepared to inform you of the best moment where doubling down is suitable. Below are the three situations where you can use Blackjack double down.

Dealer’s Low Number Cards Against Hard 9

Use the Blackjack double down when you are dealt a total of 9, and then the dealer plays a card below 7, excluding the Ace (any card between 2 and 6). That should be your hard 9; i.e. your cards have no Ace – meaning 4-5, 3-6 or 2-7 will be your combinations. If you have a soft 9(A-8), not putting into consideration what the dealer shows, the best bet is to stand.

Dealer’s Low Cards with the Soft 16 to 18

Suppose you have a soft total of 16 to 18 due to possessing either a 5, 6 or 7 and an ace. And then the dealer plays a card below 7( from 2 to 6), this is a good moment to double down and get twice your initial bet. If however, it’s a low card like 2-4 and an Ace, it is preferable to not double down but hit, because the probability of ending with a high hand is low.

Dealer’s Low Cards Against Hard 10 or 11

You get to secure a powerful position when you have a hard 10 or 11. Meaning, owning two cards that add up to 10 excluding an Ace (3-8, 2-9, 4-6, 2-8, 3-7, 4-7, 5-6) and the dealer owns low cards. It’s the money move time, the moment to use Blackjack double down.

When Not to Double Down

Never double down the moment the dealer shows an ace.

Here’s why the probability of your dealer getting a Blackjack is on a really high side. Even if they have no Blackjack and checked, there’s a very high chance that they will end with a total near 21.

When you’re showing cards higher than an 11, never use the Blackjack double down.

The risk involved is too high to take. In this case, you can hit or stick on a lower card total, and then wish that the dealer owns the wrong cards.
Simply put, if you have doubts about using the Blackjack double down, use the safest option and let your bets be. Only take the risk when you are sure.

Pay Attention to the Rules

In all Blackjack games, the Blackjack double down move shouldn’t be wrong. Notwithstanding, you should know that Blackjack rules vary from one casino to another, which can have effects on this strategy. For example, in online Roulette, the usage of the green zero varies with the version of roulette being used. Also in Blackjack, you can be allowed to double down with three or more cards. That way, you can get more cards when you double down, so your total should be given more attention.


Looking at it differently, some casinos can have rules that say you can’t double down though the strategy says you can. In a situation like this, using the hit move is better.

Questions and Answers

A player risks more to win more by using the Blackjack double down move when the probability seems more positive. Since you can choose when to double down and when not to, this is a great strategy for a player that can quickly and easily fish out the best moment. Below are some situations where it’s better to know your position:

Can you Double Down after Hitting?

A player cannot use the Blackjack double down move after hitting. The chance to double down only appears after the player’s first two cards are dealt with. The player can then have the opportunity to either double down at that moment or not. A chance to double down only occurs at this moment while playing.

Can you Split and Double Down?

A player understanding the best moment to split and use Blackjack double down is essential. After being dealt with a double pair(6-6, 7-7, J-J) is the situation whereby a player can split their cards.
Another double down is not usually allowed. Ensure the casino rules are always checked whether playing online or live as there are some hidden bonuses that can be added to motivate players and also promote the future of online casinos.

Should you Always use Blackjack Double Down on 11?

To win the hand, both the player and the dealer try as much as possible to ensure that they are close to a total of 21. The player always holds a strong stand when with 11 after two cards are dealt. It’s a good time to use the Blackjack double down move if the dealer only has cards that are less than 10.