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Read The Biggest Casino Wins of All The Time Here!


In addition to casino games being very exciting, they also offer the opportunity to win money. It is not surprising that every day, hundreds of people around the world access a physical or online casino.

On some occasions, the amount won can even change the life of the player. For some users, one hundred thousand dollars is more than enough to turn their lives upside down, while others have more ambitious dreams and need much more money to fulfil them.

Although as a general rule, there are limits with respect to the amounts that can be obtained in casinos. There are people who became millionaires all for a lucky spin. Below are some of the biggest casino wins in history.

The Man Who Doubled His Money in a Single Game of Dice

William Lee Bergstrom had a clear goal when he entered Binion’s Horseshoe casino in Las Vegas in 1980, and that is to try to double his money by playing a single game of craps. This is one of the biggest casino wins in history. However, he could have also lost everything.

The truth is that everyone wondered what this individual was up to when they saw him appear through the door with two briefcases. Inside one of them was a total of seven hundred and seventy-seven thousand dollars, and the other was completely empty. William bet all his money and luckily won. They said he packed his suitcases while smiling and left.

Big Prizes for Little Money

It is often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and indeed it was for Johanna Handle. One morning, this California-based woman bet $ 170 on an online slots machine, and as luck would have it, she hit a jackpot of more than $ 22 million.

Some believe that it is not possible to get big jackpots playing with a penny for penny slot machines. Well, ask if the player who managed to win a prize of more than four and a half million dollars in a progressive slot, and ended up being included in the list of the biggest casino wins in history, thinks the same.

He Got Rich Playing Blackjack

Sometimes a lucky roll is enough to get rich, although there are those who have managed to win huge amounts of money playing games that require skill and certain knowledge, such as online Blackjack.

This is the case of Don Johnson, who without being a regular player, managed to earn more than fifteen million dollars playing Blackjack in three live casinos in Atlantic City. The truth is that he started with a certain advantage, since due to the recession, many casinos offered multiple discounts and bonuses for some time, and Johnson took advantage of the so-called loss-back guarantee, that is, if he lost, the casino in question returned him a percentage of the amount wagered. But then, he won and was recorded as one of the biggest casino wins ever seen. 


A Plan To Break The Bank

Charles De Ville Wells devised a plan to win big money gambling at the casino. This happened in 1891, the year in which this English citizen got investors to lend him four hundred pounds after inventing a story about a musical jump rope.

Wells was a famous cheater, but he has his name in Guinness’s book of record as having one of the biggest casino wins since he managed to win at Roulette legally. A surprising streak of luck led to him winning a million francs. In fact, a movie was made based on his story called “The Man Who Jumped the Bank in Monte Carlo.”

8.9 Million

Also, included in the list of the biggest casino wins all over the world is Amy Nishimura. She won her jackpot while on vacation at her home in Hawaii. Every time she visited Las Vegas, Nishimura played on the same machine – HIS machine – at the Fremont Hotel. She played for 3 hours with less than $ 100 before her big win of nearly $9 million. That shows that with a little tenacity, you can go a long way.

€ 17,861,800 Won in Finland

In 2013, a Finn, who chose not to disclose the name, took € 17,861,800 at Net Entertainments Mega Fortune. The anonymous winner achieved a record of one of the world biggest casino wins with just a spin of 0.25.

Per Eriksson, who was the CEO of NeT-Ent at the time, said: “This is our second biggest casino win in the online game. The great liquidity within progressive jackpot slots allows for the rapid growth of these jackpots, which is great news for operators. We want to congratulate the winner of this record award, and we hope to turn many more players into millionaires in the future. We never know what the future of online casinos has in stock for us”.

€ 17.2 Million Won in England

Just two years after Finn won the Mega Moolah Grand Prize, Ben Heywood, a British soldier from England was also added to the list of the biggest casino wins. He pocketed over £ 13.2 million (roughly equal to € 17.2 million) also with just 0.25 bet. Heywood won this huge amount of money, a record prize in the UK Casino when playing Micro gaming’s Mega Moolah. The 26-year-old said he would spend the money on a Bentley supercar to replace his Fiat and on a luxury cruise for his family.

“I’m trying not to get excited, and I really don’t know what else I’m going to buy with the money, other than a yellow Bentley Continental GT,” he said a few days after winning the £ 13,213,838.68 prize.

€ 11.7 Million Won in Norway

In 2011, a 20-year-old student from Norway stated that he couldn’t sleep after a night out, so he thought about playing online roulette but changed his mind and decided to play the slot machines. Surprisingly, using free spins awarded to him by the casino operator, the young Hordaland native managed to pocket an incredible € 11.7 million.

“Not even in my wildest dreams did I think I would win that € 11.7 million prize. But it happened, and I am very happy about having one of the biggest casinos wins.” The student said after winning his huge prize.

Mega Moolah Strikes Again

Going to April 2020, Micro gaming’s Mega Moolah Grand Prize has been won again. A lucky player, who decided to remain anonymous, ended up taking home € 10,735,716.84. It’s jaw-dropping, it almost outweighs all the biggest casino wins. This grand prize means that the UK-based company has already paid more than € 1 billion in cash prizes, including more than € 25 million this year alone, with more than 150 lucky punters adding € 10,000 or more to their Bank accounts!

“We are thrilled by the victorious player who achieved this impressive € 10.7 million – congratulation!” said Andrew Clucas, CEO of Micro gaming. Mega Moolah remains a favourite with players from around the world, so we are excited to add more progressive games to the prize and the gaming network throughout the year.”


When playing mobile casino games, whether with real money or funds from the Bet fair casino bonus, we all dream of having one of the biggest casinos win. We could be just a turn away from becoming multimillionaires and owning that mansion, supercar, or both, that we’ve always wanted! Although it seems possible only in our wildest dreams.