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Dice Control and Its Intricacies

Dice Control and Its Intricacies

Dice control is a hot topic in the gambling industry. Whether you are playing online Blackjack or online Poker, dice controlling is a must thing to know about. Though it is not as important in other casino games such as online slots, live casino, etc. you need to know about its intricacies in online Roulette. Now, you might be wondering if there is a certain way you should roll your dice. Rolling dice is like flipping a coin, you don’t know where it’s gonna hit. Though you can’t totally control the movement of your dice, there are certain things that you can be aware of. You can attempt to convince yourself that rolling your dice is all about luck. But I will show you in this post that dice control is a thing.

Is it Possible to Control Your Dice on a Poker Game?

There are many professional gamblers who mastered the art of controlling their dice in poker or other similar casino games. The thing is, controlling the dice is not all about art, there is a science behind it as well. There are some ways the highly professional gamblers toss the dice and set the grip of it. Would you believe me if I say that well-known professional players teach beginners how to control the dice? Yes, they held seminars and classes to teach us their strategies. So, dice control and intricacies truly exist. 

If you are an amateur gambler and visit Las Vegas or any other casino often, you have a chance to meet some great casino players. Don’t have to compete against them, because you will end up losing if you are a beginner. Sometimes, these players play the game of craps but still, they are well-aware of the dice control strategies. If you go to a casino regularly, you can find these players at least once a week. And by following the way they throw the dice on the layouts, you’ll instantly know that there is a theory behind it. 

How Do You Control the Dice in a Casino Game?

Most of the casino games involve dice and learning how to control it can be a real game-changer for you. But how do you do it? It is the way you throw your dice so that the numbers you are expecting can appear on the table. We have to throw the dice in a way so that they don’t move while they are in the air. They need to be at the square angle to the table and calm and when they fall on the surface, they need to rotate mutually. You would want the dice to land smoothly on the layout and if you perform the throw well, you will be able to control the rotations. 

Random VS Non-random Dice Controllers

A random dice controller will pick up the dices and drive them in the air until they land on the back wall. Then the dice will move and bounce a little on the surface and will stop after a while. This way, you will not possibly know at which number the dices are going to stop but skilled dice controllers already got this. You throw the dice 6 times and the number 7 is going to appear, but what about the other numbers? This is the nonrandom dice control method that makes the future of online casinos bright. Though you won’t probably be able to control the dice in an online game as you do non-technically, it’s worth knowing. 

Dice Control and Its Intricacies

Can a Beginner Learn How to Control the Dice?

As a beginner or amateur gambler, you can learn how to control the dice in the right way, but it will take some time and effort. Long story short, it will be a really hard game. As a beginner player, it’s normal to throw the dice randomly but what you didn’t realize is that you lose money for it. In fact, you will have to be interested in learning how to fling the dice without letting the number 7 appear on it. In fact, some players even roll the dice 20 times so that they don’t see the number. 

Here is an easy tip for you, if you are just learning this whole dice control theory, better team up with players who know it already. So, when you are playing with them, you will see how they are doing it. You can place your bet after seeing your team member rolling the dice to avoid any unfortunate money loss. Controlling your dice is not a mental skill, it’s physical and you will need practices to do it right. Even if you can invest at least 5 hours a week for 6 months, the possibility of becoming an expert will be high. Then again, within that much of time, you won’t stay a beginner or average gambler anymore. 

How to Have the Edge Over the Casino?

You’ll have to gain the considerate control of the dice for this purpose. You will have to measure the approximate number of tosses that would take your number to appear. This process is imprecise and it can take so many rolls for 7 to appear. However, there are various software programs out there that will help you measure the rolls technically so that you can have the edge over the casino. There is the Pro Test© dice control test in Smart Craps software that will measure your dice control strategy mathematically. 

Overall, it does not matter whether you have a great mental talent or not, by practising control over your dice, you can definitely do it right.