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Upcoming gaming trends to upturn the casino industry for good

Upcoming gaming trends to upturn the casino industry for good
The online game is a thing and so is online gambling. Just as we have seen a significant rise in the quality of living, as a result of technological advancements, we have seen literally every other thing evolve. Same applies for the gambling industry, which is all set to cost around $60 Billion by the year 2020. We have seen a wide array of development with the mark of every New Year, and 2020 is going to be a new year, where innovation will take a new turn. Manufacturers of the casinos are going to deploy cutting edge technology into their gambling system, probably trying to woo their customers. 

Changes you can expect by 2020

Upcoming gaming trends to upturn the casino industry for good

  • Virtual and Augmented reality casinos

VR has been in the to-do list of a lot of places, and the casino owners have already adopted it quite some years ago, to make the best 3D simulation of an environment, their customers can interact with, and we very well know how realistic and beautiful they can be. Casinos have been offering such facilities, where users can actually use the VR to enjoy game slots and other casino games

Some of the best casinos also offer such facilities online, through their websites, which can be used by players to get face to face with their opponents and play, all the while sitting at home, enjoying the ambience of a real casino. 

Augmented Reality would as well shape the casinos in the future, and experience as similar to the Pokémon go games, players will get a 360-degree coverage of a real casino.

  • User experience changed on the grounds of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning

Apart from AI, machines will be taught new ways of learning, through algorithms and statistics models, using a computer system, where the machine will build up the ability to perform tasks on its own, without the help of additional learning. 

This is all set to change the business of casinos, as customer experience will go on the better side with it. Information preserved by the machines will be used to welcome and also retain customers, by way of providing customised services, as per their preference. Chatbots are as well being deployed by the companies to help users with their queries, and quick resolution on an immediate basis. Also, customer behaviours can be detected, both good and bad, eliminating unfair means. 

  • Increase in blockchain casinos

Blockchain technology, which is used by bitcoin, to keep records, is now being deployed by a lot of casinos, where time-stamped series of transactions are recorded which cannot be edited. The system uses this technology to store in data, which cannot be manipulated by any party, for the fair and square gaming experience. Immediate payments and safer transactions take place as no sensitive data will go into the system. This is going to be widely accepted by a lot of casinos in the mere future.

  • Internet of things, changing the entire game

It is the system which connects all the devices which have access to the internet, to create common grounds of accessible information and data. This is being used by casinos to create casino games for the users to access from anyplace. Users will be able to access the casino they love the most, and a VR set will be the cherry on top, which will have the ability to create an exact environment as that of the casino alongside appropriate sensors.

  • Enhanced and better mobile gambling

Games have not only become a medium of playing but, they have also become the basis of social interaction. Casinos will be building mobile platforms where users will be able to play with their friend or even interact with their players they get playing. This way mobile apps use is going to boost.

  • Easy and increased payment options

Vast numbers of online payment platforms have been coming up every year as of now, and the same is going to carry forward for the next year. We will see casinos include a lot of payment systems in their games, such as Google Play, and Apple Pay.

Casinos are a business which works to serve their players with the best possible experience. They are going to deploy technology for the coming year, to increase the levels of customer satisfaction, customer entertainment and also rewards. We will see the barrier of traditional gaming coming down, with the innovation of newly added technological tools, which would work and change how casinos have been running up to this moment.