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Are Scratchcards Similar to Online Slots?

Are Scratchcards Similar to Online Slots?

Two of the most popular chance-based games we wouldn’t think that there is much common between scratch cards UK and online slots. While one involves scratching off an opaque panel to see whether or not we have won, the other involves pulling on a lever and seeing the reels move and align correctly for us to win. Though they aren’t even remotely related on the outside, if we look at both the games a little bit closer, we can see that they share a lot of similarities. Though we aren’t saying slots and scratch cards the UK is the same here, there are some similarities these popular chance games share. 

The ubiquitous popularity 

If there is one aspect that both slots and scratch cards UK have, it is ubiquitous popularity. Whether one is talking about online casino games or conventional games, most people love both these games and one would have played them at some point or the other in their lifetime. 

Slots are very popular in conventional brick-and-mortar casinos as well as online ones. Conventionally, slots enjoy a popularity that is double that of the table or card games since both gamblers as well as non-gamblers like and participate in a game of slots, frequently. Where non-gamers play to try their luck once in a while, gamblers play slots as a distraction in between session or before going back to the game they are serious about. The same is true with mobile slots too as is evident from the variety of slot games online casinos are currently providing. 

Similarly, scratch cards UK also has a huge following online and offline. In fact, the conventional scratch cards were so popular that online casinos had to recently jump into the business so as to not lose on the profits. Just like online slots, scratch cards to enjoy the patronage of professionals and newbies online. 

Are Scratchcards Similar to Online Slots?

The ease of playing 

Compared to skill games such as card games, slots, as well as scratch cards in the UK, are very easy to play. Players need zero skills to play the game, and the results totally depend on the players’ luck. This is one of the main reasons why non-gamers prefer these chance games. 

Playing online slots is very easy; all the players have to do is place the bet, and the Random Number Generator software does everything else. It is the same with scratch cards; all players have to do is scratch the opaque surface off to see whether or not they were lucky. 

Instant gratification 

Another reason for the popularity of slots and scratch cards UK, especially when compared to other chance games, especially the lottery, is the instant gratification. When playing either slots or scratch cards, you will know your luck almost instantly as compared to say lottery games where the winners are announced at a particular date and hence players have to wait to find whether or not they are lucky. But this isn’t the case with slots or scratch cards where a pull of the lever and scratching off the surface can immediately tell a player how lucky he/she is. 

Low investment 

One of the main reasons why playing casino games requires a lot of planning, especially financially, is because of the huge investment one has to make to win. People have to plan beforehand and put together a bankroll to enjoy casino games like Roulette and Blackjack for a couple of nights. Compared to some of the popular table and card games, slots and scratch cards the UK are a lot cheaper. Incidentally, people can enjoy a round of slots or buy a scratch card for as little as a few cents. Thus, though proper money management can ensure financial safety in the long run, players can enjoy both slots and scratch card games with very little investment, especially when compared to the other popular casino games

The attraction of jackpots 

The best aspect of both scratch cards the UK, as well as online slots, is the availability of huge jackpots. The possibility that the player has a chance to win huge every time he plays certainly makes both the games attractive, and this factor is the main reason why both these chance games enjoy such immense popularity. And given the fact that you can start playing the games from 10p, this is another reason why both online slots and online scratch games enjoy such immense popularity today. 


Thus, though slots and scratch games are played differently, it is obvious that they do have a host of similar characteristics.