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Top 10 Fun Facts About the Movie Ted!

Teddy bears are always cute and cuddly and have been in cartoon shows and animated movies that have entertained kids for many years. But that perspective changed completely with the movie ‘Ted’ that released in 2012. This became the most popular R-Rated movie of the decade with hilarious story and twist to it. The combination of a live action teddy bear and action star Mark Wahlberg created a massive popularity. But there are some facts about this amazing movie that will surprise you to the core.

Top 10 Fun Facts About the Movie Ted!

Know the Ted Story in Short

  • Ted became the 12th top grossing movies of the year 2012 with amazing response worldwide that lead to a collection of over half-a-billion dollars.
  • During the 85th Oscar awards, Mark Wahlberg appeared as one of the presentation hosts along with the bear and made the audience laugh.
  • To maintain the secrecy of the movie title and to avoid piracy, the film was shipped to theatres with a fake name ‘Thunder Buddies’.
  • This movie also became the top-grossing R-rated movie of the year in 2012. This popularity inspired the movie-makers to go on with the second part of the movie that was released later in 2015.
  • Actor Mark Wahlberg popularly known for his action movies admitted that this is his first ever R-rated comedy genre movie and that he is proud that he did it.
  • The song of the movie was also nominated for the best original song at the 85th annual Academy Awards.
  • The scene in the movie where Ted is shown as the guest in the Tonight Show is actual a shot from the real show. The original guest of the show was actor Emmanuel Louis who was smartly replaced by teddy bear from the movie.
  • The sales of the teddy bear replicas from the original movie boosted after the popularity of the movie worldwide.
  • The movement of the stuffed toy was made using motion capture by director Seth MacFarlane who also mentioned it is the first time he did something like this.
  • Both Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis who appears in this movie also acted in Max Payne and Date Night together.

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