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Online Gambling Sector Shows Growth: Latest Survey

We all know that there is a steady increase in the number of online casino games being launched. And also the player numbers are on a rise. But these facts get confirmed when an official agency releases some numbers. UK Gambling Commission is a reliable source that tracks growth of both, offline and online casinos. According to their latest casino news, their recent report shows a definite growth in online gambling sector.

What Do These Latest Casino News Numbers Look Like?

This financial year, United Kingdom has seen unprecedented growth in the Online gambling industry. A report from UK Gambling commission has shown that the sector has seen £1.4bn more revenue as compared to the previous financial year. Figures show a revenue generation of £12.6bn in the financial year ending September 2015 whereas it was just £11.2bn in the last year. That is a fairly good growth given that the online casinos have been working under restrictions from the government. This latest casino news gives some really astonishing figures which one would not have known otherwise.

This casino news reveals more. An interesting fact to know is that the remote gambling markets that include sports betting, online bingo and casino gaming have brought a huge 29% of the total income of this sector. It has generated a total of £3.6bn in the period from October 2014 to September 2015. So the new age betting sectors, all combined are adding more steam to the growth numbers.

Some Stats Related To Land Based Casinos:

This latest casino news also gives numbers on offline bars. Contrary to the immense growth in online sector of this industry, the land-based casinos in the UK have shown a decrease in revenue generation. The number of such casinos have declined by 1.9% and betting shops have also reduced from 8,975 in March 2015 to 8,809 in March 2016. The number of arcades have reduced by 11.1% in a year’s time frame. That is a substantial figure and has raised many brows. Even when the gross gambling income from bingo has improved by 4.9%, these halls have also observed a fall of 10.1%. As per the latest casino news, the total number of remaining Bingo halls is just 599.

The rise in online gambling and a fall in land based casino numbers indicate a definite new trend. Players seem to like the idea of sitting at home and clicking away. They can spin from their mobile screens as well and the idea of betting on the go is definitely interesting. And a lot of online game developers have drawn inspiration from classic offlines to develop equally engaging games. So the players are not missing much by not visiting the offline parlours. All in all, a lot of these conclusions are being backed by the numbers released by reliable agencies. Time will tell if the numbers continue to show similar trends. If the current player sentiments and numbers of this latest casino news are anything to go by, this trend is here to stay.