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Are you One of the 5 Lucky Players Yet?

Is it raining money? Yes, it certainly seems so. To check if it is true, log into your accounts this weekend and check for the cash we, at Jackpot Mobile Casino are dropping there under our Cash Drop Promotion. You might be one of the five lucky players who get a chance to win £50. If you are, don’t forget to claim it till Thursday and use it to play exciting online slot games and multiply this amount even further by placing winning bets. Who knows at the end of the day, you win a massive Jackpot and fill your pockets with a large wad of money!

Get Lucky with £50 on Cash Drop promotion

What is The Prize in Cash Drop Promotion?

We will be giving away £50 each to five of our players. This will be placed into the winning accounts at 12 noon on Thursday 18th August 2016 (GMT). This will be in the form of cash credit that you can use to play any online game.

How to Claim?

You must claim the cash prize by logging into your accounts till 12 noon on Thursday 25th August 2016 (GMT). You have to place a bet with part or full credit amount to claim it. We will have to withdraw the cash drop promotion prize and re-award it if you don’t claim it before the mentioned date and time by wagering in any online game. Remember that this prize can be used to play any online game across all categories, so you can use it to play a game of your choice. Furthermore, to make it even exciting, you can use this cash credit to play more than one game. Amazing, isn’t it?

Eligibility Criteria

This August weekend promotion is applicable only to our regular players. So to avail it, you must have logged into your account since 1st March 2016.

Even if you are not one of the lucky players to have won under our fabulous Cash Drop promotion offer, worry not! We have a host of other bonuses to offer to new as well as our loyal players. So keep the momentum going and keep playing. The lady luck is definitely going to make you richer than before!