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How VIP Programs Work at Online Casinos

VIP Programs are a result of the healthy competition among the innumerable online casinos. Even the mobile casinos are making a foray towards luring the casino players. Rewarding the players for joining them and their continued support is what the online casinos or the mobile casinos strive for.

The fickle minded casino player is always on the lookout for casinos online no deposit bonus mobile casinos. The varied monetary benefits and satisfaction is the only factor which makes them stick to a particular mobile slots casino. And VIP Programs or the Loyalty programs are great ways for them to make them continue to play at the casinos.

What are VIP Programs?

You are eligible for the Loyalty or the VIP Programs, as soon as you join the mobile casinos. The beginner’s level is the one which offers the least rewards or bonuses. But it is the stepping stone, which has to be crossed.

You begin wagering real money on the casino games and start accumulating the VIP Program Points. The more you play, the more points are added. At the beginning of each month, based on the VIP Points accumulated for the previous month, your VIP Program level is calculated. As you climb higher up the VIP program, you can avail the various promotions and benefits that are associated with them.

Some casinos allow you to become their VIP Program member if you have the VIP status in another casino. You have to contact the customer care to get your confirmation.

While others, require you to meet certain conditions before you’re eligible for this exclusive club. After which you are invited to join the club.

What are VIP Points?

The VIP points are points which you accumulate for every wager you make when playing with real money at the mobile casinos or the online casinos. Every licensed mobile casino or the casinos online have the same VIP Program structure with minor variations with regard to their entry, benefits and rewards system.

You should know that certain casino games earn more loyalty points than others. The mobile slots and scratch cards occupy the top rung while the Roulette, Blackjack and other games follow. It also depends on the games which are offered by the casinos for this program.

Why do you want to become a VIP Member?

There are many benefits to becoming a VIP member. The special and personalised attention is the major perk of this scheme.

In addition there are other benefits coming your way…

  • Huge regular bonus offers
  • Your own personal VIP Program relationship manager
  • Bigger and better cash bonuses
  • Faster payouts
  • Free cash to try out new mobile games
  • Exclusive admission to particular events, bonus promotion and offers.

The different benefits offered should be confirmed before you join the casinos and make real money wager.

Claiming your VIP or Loyalty Points

The VIP points begin adding up from the time you start wagering real money on mobile casino games. Many of the mobile slots UK or the mobile casinos allow you to redeem your VIP points for cash bonuses, gadgets, or special bonuses.

Every level of the VIP Program has certain rewards which can be traded in by the player. The higher you’re VIP level, the more cash bonuses and complements you can redeem. Redeeming these points can be done online by accessing the VIP program section of your casino account or by contacting the customer staff.

A point to note is that you drop down one level, if you don’t play for some time, depending on the T&C specified the bonus policies.

VIP Programs are a novel way opted by the mobile casinos to lure the players and make them continue to play here. While this should be part of your gameplay, it should not be the main focus. Keep in mind that the online casinos can change their VIP offers, rewards at their discretions. Play more and earn more VIP points to add extra zing to your online gambling experience.