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Exclusive Mobile Games by Red Tiger Gaming: A Must-explore

Red Tiger Gaming is a leading developer in mobile slots that have always entertained the players with superb bonuses, amazing payouts and wonderful visuals as well as sound effects. With some unique themed slots or good phone games, the gameplay becomes more entertaining as you can play on the go. Here’s a list of some exclusive slots released by this developer that should definitely be checked out:

Play Red Tiger Gaming Slots

Want to go on an Adventure with Good Phone Games? Jump in with Vicky Ventura

If you are all up for the slots with an adventure theme, this slot is a definite go-to option for you. Just pack your bags and join this explorer as you will find out precious totem crystals, loads of free spins and wild tiles. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Well, they are. Are you daring enough to explore the wilds in the tropical forest?  Even if you are not, you need not worry as the action-packed team of this slot offers really exciting good phone games such as Lost Arks, Raid Bombs as well as Mysterious Temples.

Want to get Devil’s Number?

As the name suggests, this slot titled Devil’s Number from Red Tiger is based on the devil theme. An imaginative design whose looks will surely leave a lasting impression on you while the superb payout potential will add on to the delight. The visuals have been crafted in a very nice way. The players who are fond of a dark theme should definitely give it a go. Wins of up to 2,500x the stake are on offer here. It is one of the favourites among the good phone games.

What about Some Daring Action in Mega Dragon?

Mega Dragon is an excellent option for the players who love the dragon theme. It is entirely based on the Asian theme. Like many other slots, the exploding symbols feature is also present here. The avalanche reels keep on landing pretty awesome payouts that will keep you hooked to the reels. The authentic sounds and good phone games increase the excitement manifold.

Have a Unique Taste? The Equalizer is here

The Equalizer is yet another amazing creation from Red Tiger Gaming among good phone games that has a futuristic theme. The expanding reels make for some solid action moves that make this slot hard to miss. The futuristic design is totally in accordance with the theme and the sound effects exhibit the efforts put in by the team into this slot. Prizes as much as 10,000x the bet is up for grabs.

No doubt, Red Tiger Gaming has totally nailed it and stand out as one of the top phone games offers. There are many more slots from this developer that are worth exploring. If you make up your mind to check out the slots from Red Tiger Gaming, make sure you don’t miss out on the slots mentioned above as they have got everything from visuals and looks to bonus payouts. What are you waiting for?  Go and check your favourites today!