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Snow Wild and the 7 Features Slots Release from Red Tiger Gaming

Taking the story of Snow White and the seven dwarves, Red Tiger Gaming has come up with an exciting slot game – Snow Wild and the 7 Features slots. The screen ignites with the beauty of cutting-edge design and brilliant use of graphics as the slot opens up with its 5-reels.

Play Snow Wild and the 7 Features Slots

Setting standards for the fantasy-themed slot games, Red Tiger Gaming has brought a unique portrayal of characters in this release.

The Theme of Snow Wild and the 7 Features Slots

Set on a biker bar, the slot game opens with the finest of detailing and a classic outlay. There are electric guitars, wooden décor and also an apple to match with the theme. The interesting aspect of this game’s display is that it is a mix of both animated images and a realistic preview.

The reels represent symbols like snow wild, crazy dwarf, sneaky dwarf and others along with a lucky wheel symbol.

The Game Features And Bonus Style

Each symbol of this 5-reel and 20 paylines game represents a character. The characters have their unique features that trigger some reward for the players. For example, the Flash dwarf, when shows on the reels, starts to play the guitar and smashes away some of the old symbols to make way for new. These new symbols can bring in better wins or wager for the player.

When 3 lucky wheel symbols land on the screen, these trigger a Lucky Wheel bonus game where the player triggers the presence of other symbols of the base game. While Goldy Dwarf awards an instant win, the Tickly Dwarf treats the player with a re-spin.

As Snow Wild appears on the lucky wheel, she blows 3 kisses which triggers one of the 7 features and increases the potential to win.

Betting and Wagering In The Game

A player can start playing Snow Wild and the 7 Features slots with a starting amount of just £0.20 and go up to a maximum of £500. This makes way not just for the beginners but also for the gamblers who want to play high stake games.

The biggest of jackpot include winning wagering of 500x the stake.

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