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Mini Roulette Online: The Latest Craze amongst Roulette Lovers Worldwide!

When anyone envisions a casino, the classic game of luck, Roulette is always in the picture much like all those casino based movies. This classic game comes in different variations like European Roulette, French Roulette, American Roulette, and the simplified version of mini Roulette online at Jackpot Mobile Casino.

Get a Full Download of Mini Roulette Online Rules

Here mini does not stand for mini payouts, in fact, it’s called mini Roulette online because of the size of its wheel. It follows the rules of European Roulette. But the main variation between this version and any other version of Roulette is the difference in the number of slots. Since the wheel of mini Roulette online is smaller it consists of only 13 slots including 0 unlike 37 slots in European Roulette.

Mini Roulette Online: The Latest Craze amongst Roulette Lovers Worldwide!

Odds of Winning

You will find that there are other variations too like the difference in the odds. As the numbers in mini Roulette online are less than the European Roulette there is a difference in payout and odds of winning. The European Roulette offers a 35 to 1 payout with the odds of winning at 36 to 1. The odds are paid out 11 to 1 with real odds of winning at 12 to 1. This is another important difference.

The players can choose to bet on any number they want or they can place bets between two to four numbers to cover more slots at low odds.

  • A Split Bet is the one that is placed on two connected numbers and it pays at 5-1 odds but the true winning odds are 5.5-1. Covering a row of three numbers, a Street Bet pays off at 3-1 and the odds of winning it are 3.3-1.
  • A Corner Bet involving four numbers in a square pays off at 2-1 with the odds at 2.25-1. Covering four numbers in a column, a Column Bet will pay same as the Corner Bet with same odds of actually winning it. The bets can also be placed on red or black, high or low and also as odd or even. All these carry the bet at 1.7-1 odds.

House Edge

There is one more difference that you will find in this version which is the difference in the house edge. In mini Roulette online, the house edge is 3.85% whereas in American Roulette it is 5.26% and in European Roulette, it is 2.63%. However, because of less number of slots, the odds of hitting a certain number is also higher making it more likely for 0 to come up.

Make a Debut Now

Roulette is a very popular game but its huge table with so much money may appear little intimidating to the new players. This simplified version of the classic game at Jackpot Mobile Casino is great for the new players as it is quick to play and winnings are also made simple.