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Try Out the New Superhero slots At Jackpot Mobile Casino

Everyone has a favourite childhood superhero whom they dream of meeting at least once in their lifetime. Jackpot Mobile Casino brings you four great superhero slots that promise you a chance to spend as much time as you want with the superhero of your choice albeit virtually. So apart from watching the movies based on your superhero, you can now play the superhero slots and enjoy all the more.

Many of these superheroes originated mainly from the comic books published in America by the DC comics, a subsidiary of Warner bros. Their Justice League comics, Batman, Superman, and The Flash comic characters are the heartthrobs of many. These costumed characters apart from possessing certain supernatural powers are normal people in life and portrayed to have taken the responsibility of saving the town from the clutches of evil forces.

Try Out the New Superhero slots At Jackpot Mobile Casino

Four Great Superhero Slots To Choose From

Justice League is a fictional superhero team that is created by cartoonists at the American DC comics. It is also known as Justice League of America. It released its first comic book in the year 1960 and comprise of a team of superheroes that include Batman, Aquaman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Since then, there have been many subsequent releases and the team has been a part of many movies and comic books versions. And now we have some superhero slots based on it.

Justice League Slots – As Powerful As The Team

Justice League slots powered by NextGen is a game comprises of 5 reels and 25 payline and is just like the comic book, it features many superheroes such as Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash and Batman. Overflowing with features, you get to play the random team rescue feature where the three middle reels witness symbols changing into wilds. Then there is the superhero power up feature where you keep on getting free spins until the wilds or the superheroes keep on appearing. The attack on metropolis feature gives you at least ten free spins and the other can be easily won from the frequent wild symbols that this feature sees. If you collect sufficient wilds, you get to play for a 10x multiplier in the superhero spins feature.

The Batman – “It’s Not Who I Am Underneath But What I Do That Defines Me”

Also called the Caped Crusader or the Dark Knight, the Batman character of Detective comics has always enjoyed the maximum popularity. In his real life, he is called Bruce Wayne. There are several fantastic movies made on this character including the very famous The Dark Knight movie where the actor- Heath Ledger played the role of the Joker.

Batman slots is a 5×4 reel superhero slots that come with 50 paylines that are full of the famous batman gadgets including the Batmobile, Bike, Batarang, and what not. Along with it, you meet the enemy, The Joker and his paraphernalia including the squirting flower, the playing card, and the gun. The slot comes with features such as the bonus bet, batman wilds with re-spins, and Decent in madness. It is a high variance slot game and comes with a decent return to player percentage of 95.71%.

Superman- The Red Caped God

“There is a wrong and a right in the universe and the distinction is not hard to make”. Superman another creation of DC comics is the oldest superhero out there. He has superpowers and is out to save the world from all the bad. Now, we have superhero slots game dedicated to this character.

Play with Superman Wilds in This Superhero Slots Game

Superman slots is a 5 reel 50 paylines game that has comic style graphics. The superhero is the wild icon who lets you enjoy double wins in the base game. Also, in the free spins round, apart from ten free spins, you get one wild reel with 5x multiplier applied to the wins. Do try your hands on the ‘Save the world’ feature, which can only be activated with the little expensive bonus bet. Your aim is to catch Lex Luther and win a 100x cash prize.

The Flash – The Only One Faster Than The Speed Of The Light

Created by DC comics, the Flash character showcases the life of Barry Allen, a forensic scientist, whose lab is hit by a lightning bolt thereby imparting him super speed. He can now run as fast as light if not more and is obsessed with solving crimes around him. Based on this character, The Flash superhero slots game is also as interesting as his comics.

30 Paylines with Rogues and Speedster Features

The Flash slots come with unique features and handsome wins. The Flash will pay you 5x in the base game which increased to 10x in the free spins game. Enjoy the speedster feature where the base game will witness symbols changes in wilds thereby promising increased wins. Next, comes the Rogues feature which is activated by the bonus bet. Here you get 12 free spins and a host of bonus features too – expanding frozen reels, random wilds or 4 more free spins.

Each of these superhero slots promises extreme fun with all these unique bonus features, decent payouts, and of course the much-loved superhero theme. If you are the one who is an ardent lover of this theme and the related superheroes, you are sure to have a gala time playing each of these. So don’t stop the fun, spin and win!