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Losing on Online Casino Slots? Here’s What You Are Doing Wrong

Slots are the casino games that are played for the sole purpose of entertainment. Whether you agree or not, it is a fact that slots are only popular for their entertainment factor. It is not that you will suddenly walk out a millionaire, may be once in a billion? Of course, you do not win or lose all the time, there are good days and bad days for all, but you might be doing something wrong if you are only losing on mobile casino slots. Read on to know what wrong are you doing!

Are You Playing Online Casino Slots the Right Way?

Losing on Online Casino Slots? Here's What You Are Doing Wrong

We all make mistakes, but making them when money is at stake can prove to be costly and very disappointing. These are the mistakes you are probably making while playing online casino slots. Read them, understand them, and avoid them in the future.

  • When you do not know your Bankroll

We are not pointing out here that you do not have any set budget. Our point here is to tell you that betting £5 a spin is not any good. If you bet, say £0.50 per spin, then it is obvious that you will get to play for a longer time. Also, the more you play, the more you will get to see if you are going to win. If you bet high, then you will exhaust your budget soon, and you might be tempted to play with ‘just a little’ more money.

  • When you do not know the Variance of the slot

There are basically two types of slot’s variance – low and high. Low variance slots are those that offer small and frequent wins, and high variance slots are those which do not offer frequent wins, but when you do win, the amount is big. Generally, it is advised that you go for low-variance online casino slots. You might not win anything big here, but you will not lose much either. The case is completely opposite in case of a high-variance slot. You can bet up to 1000x bet but some things should be kept in mind while playing high variance slots games.

  • When you do not know what RTP really mean

RTP or Return to player is the percentage given out by the slot makers to give the players an idea the rate of return of that particular slot. And you may even be attracted to the 99% RTP. But do you know how it is calculated? RTPs are generally calculated over a sample of some thousand wins.

  • When you do not that you are playing a Progressive or Non-progressive jackpot slot

Progressive jackpot slots are those that can make you a millionaire in one go! But for that, you have to be really lucky and be the one in a million to win that. Also, the progressive jackpot slots have expensive bets too. If you are willing to take the risk, then also keep a minimum of £300 ready to stake! Only then will these slots be worth playing.

Online casino slots are meant for entertainment, and must be treated that way! So, pick a slot that has an interesting theme, and other things can be secondary. Play safe and bet wisely on your favourite online casino slots!