Mobile Casino Deposit by Phone Bill Payment Method: How does it work?

Right in the middle of a game you are required to recharge your account. Do you search around for your credit/debit card, e-vouchers; or use your mobile phone to transfer the money? It is probably the latter option. The mobile casino deposit by phone bill is your saviour for the day, with its convenient, quick and safe transfer of the money.

Mobile Casino deposit by phone bill is the next step for the Online or Mobile Casinos to make the Online Casino games available to the players. Instant, safe and secure; this payment option is ideal for all those players who are reluctant to make their financial and personal details known to third parties.

Using this highly safe and competitive payment option is what drives the players towards mobile or online casinos. Not only do you get a stress free experience, it’s the option of playing from anywhere that counts. Compatible for making payments on all your Android or iOS devices, it is extremely popular.

How Pay by Phone Bill Payment works?

The way to go about making a mobile casino deposit by phone bill payment is simple and plain easy. All you need is to register on the online casino with your mobile number. Once it’s done, the casino will automatically recognise your mobile number and automatically make it easy for making the payment.

It uses the PayForIt scheme which is a micropayment service offered to the players. Exclusive to the mobile players, this service acts as a bridge between you and the online casinos. It is completely safe and secure.

Whenever the player selects this option; the deposit amount is automatically credited to your account. It is either debited from your Pay-As-You-Go phone account or is added to your monthly phone bill. That’s the best part of this Pay by Phone bill payment option.

Cons of using Mobile Casino Deposit by Phone Bill

  • Probably the biggest disadvantage about the pay by phone bill casino payment method is that; you can’t make a withdrawal. You have to opt for other options to withdraw the funds. But this is a small niggle compared to the bigger benefits that it offers.

  • The phone bill payment has a daily transaction limit for the players. A maximum of 30 pounds is allowed per day making it ideal for those who want to play responsibly. Plus, the amount which can be transferred in every transaction is also small (usually 5 pounds). It is severely limiting for those high rollers or players who want to make lump sum deposits. This restriction in a way prevents the shock of seeing a sudden spike in the phone bill.
  • As a curbing agent, it facilitates responsible gambling and keeps your activity under check. You are aware of how much you’re betting per day/ month.
  • Sufficient funds must be available when you use the PAYG phones to make the deposit payment. Suspension of the game is the result

Pros of using Mobile Casino Deposit by Phone Bill Payment

  • The convenience of making a deposit instantly and have the funds transferred to your account is its biggest plus point. You have the funds without waiting for it to be cleared by third party agencies such as banks, credit/debit cards systems, e-wallet systems etc.

  • Linked with this benefit is the absence of lengthy procedures, filling out forms or divulging your personal/bank details to the casino. All it takes is your mobile number and a confirmatory SMS text to complete the funds transfer.
  • For the conservative or paranoid player, this payment method is the best option available. They are protecting their personal/banking details from potential frauds and hackers.

Perks of using Mobile Casino Deposit by Phone Bill Payment

The biggest perk of using the phone bill payment is the bonuses and promotional offers that the casinos are offering. To promote this payment option, the casinos are offering free spin, cash match deposit bonuses, online mobile casino no deposit bonus and other bonuses.

Simple, free and extremely convenient this option is gaining popularity. Inching towards being the top payment option, this is the future of banking in the online or mobile casinos.

Type of a Casino players: Which one are you?

A multi-billion dollar industry, the world of casino is breaking boundaries, with every passing day. It’s not just the games, freebies, bonuses and promotions that are making them money. It’s the number of casino players who visit them that is making the casino to attract them left and right. Speaking of the players, the betting spree of men and women is as different as chalk and cheese. The men tend to veer towards the decision making table games such as the Blackjack and Poker. Women gambler’s end up playing the luck based games such as Roulette, Bingo or Scratch Cards. They are here for the entertainment, fun and the social activity that goes with playing with their fellow gamblers. Casino certainly don’t want to spend money in trying to lure the unattractive gamblers (not in their physical sense). They are more into getting their value of return from the casino player. The more they spend at their casinos, the more they loosen their purse strings.

Figuring out the type of casino players

An emerging trend found in recent years is the growing number of elderly casino players. It’s common for the younger generation to visit the real or the online casino for their dose of fun, entertainment and additional way of generating extra cash. For the senior casino players, it’s a means for getting away from the various disturbing ailments that they face. It’s their escape method for a few hours of entertainment, fun and joy.

While they are on the other extreme end of the spectrum; there are the Serious or the professional casino players and the Casual casino players who venture into the online casino gambling industry.

The serious casino players are the ones who make a profession of the gambling. It’s gives them their bread and butter. They are into making serious money, and are not averse to taking risks in this endeavour.

The Casual casino players on the other hand is there for the social and fun part of playing. The entertainment and the fun of playing the games, without worrying about the money aspects is their motivating factor. He is not averse to playing for the money involved, but will not take any unnecessary risks.

Another level of distinction that can be made is based on the risk taking ability of the player. The general perception among the good gamblers is that they seize the chance when they see an opportunity to make extra cash. They don’t enter into a game without an ace up their sleeve (pun intended). What’s the point of gambling without the element of risk involved?

The aggressive risk taker is very volatile, and is not afraid to take risks. They take big risks and wind up winning big or losing big time. They usually rely on their gut feeling and not on logic. If you are a aggressive risk taker, you should definitely read our blog on how to win progressive jackpots.

The moderately aggressive risk taker is slightly better than the aggressive gambler. He is more calculative and takes risks depending on the situation.

The moderate risk taker is your average Joe. He is conservative in his betting and won’t take risks for mobile casino free cash unless the odds are in his favour.

The moderately conservative risk taker is a low better. They won’t usually take risks. Last, but not the least is the conservative risk taker. They will not under any circumstances take risks.

At the end of the day, it all depends on how much effort, time and of course, money that you are willing to invest in your gaming session. Whichever slot you are pegged into by the casinos; they can only guess your gaming habits and come up with their own marketing strategies for luring you.

Keep them guessing and take your own decision on the type of gambler that you want to be. Be the risk taker or the conservative player; but enjoy the gaming session. The last thing that you want is to lose all your bankroll and return home empty handed. Play with commonsense and enjoy the slots game.

Boku Mobile Payment System for Online Casinos

Forget about filling endless fields, divulging your bank or personal details when making a deposit to your casino account. Boku mobile payment system is the new kid on the block when it comes to making a safe and completely secure transaction. A mobile payment system designed to bridge the gap between you and the mobile casino.

Understanding Boku Mobile Payment system

The hype surrounding Boku mobile payment system is not just talk. It is indeed the best option available for the countless online players who need instant cash for funding their online gaming. All it takes is less than 10 seconds to complete the transaction.

Boku is one of the best payment system preferred by new mobile casino for their mobile customer base. It is the intermediary payment system that the casinos have installed, to provide another option for the players to make an online deposit. Having tied up with major telecom networks such as Vodafone, O2, Orange, T- Mobile and many more, it is proving to be the widely opted for method for the UK players.

With its secure and safe environment; a simple transaction process, it is fast gaining ground as a deposit option. The daily transaction limit of 30 pounds is enough for those players who wish to play responsible without going abroad with their betting.

How Boku actually works?

The emergence of the Boku mobile payment system in casinos is the result of the confidence the players have in this payment system. You have the choice of making the deposit through your Pay-As-You-Go phones, where it is debited from your account. The condition being that you have sufficient funds in your account. By using your normal phones, the amount shows up in the next month’s phone bill.

The simple transaction process is the plus point for players to use this method of deposit. Just select the Boku mobile payment option and confirm your transaction amount with a text message; and your done. Start playing with the deposit amount.

The exact steps are:

  • Select the Pay by Mobile option under the deposit tabs
  • Enter your mobile phone and the amount to be deposited
  • A confirmatory SMS is sent to the mobile phone with the amount details
  • Reply back with a Yes to complete the online transaction
  • An e-receipt is sent confirming the successful transaction

In case of a failed transaction, you will be sent a message with the next steps that has to be followed. You can retry the same process, without fear of being charged twice. The transaction is not valid unless you receive a receipt from the Boku mobile payment system.

Success of Boku mobile payment system

Needless to say, it is the convenience factor that drives Boku’s success. The option of depositing without filling out endless online fields or disclosing sensitive information; is its pulling factor.

For the jittery customer who is paranoid about divulging his / her sensitive bank or personal details to the casinos, it is a big boon. All it requires is their registered mobile number to complete the transaction. The confirmation SMS is part of the Boku mobile payment system and no extra charge is added to this, unlike the other payment systems which require sending the SMS to premium numbers which adds to the charges.

Being part of the increasing mobile customer base is a big plus for the casinos to target this untapped market. The proliferation of the mobile devices with Internet connectivity has brought millions of potential players to the casinos.

The Boku mobile payment system is popular among the credit card less players or those without bank accounts. With just their mobile phones, they can enjoy playing at the casinos. No more hassles of entering bank details, voucher numbers or personal information.

As there is a limit of 30 pounds that can be deposited through this payment option, it acts as deterrent for excessive gambling. You are able to keep track of the number of deposits that you can make for the month.

On a closing note, Boku mobile payment system will definitely be the most widely used payment option in the future. A hassle free experience that is safe and secure is guaranteed by the mobile casinos.