How to Win The Progressive Jackpots

Posted on 28/04/2015

The big question facing the players is how to win the Progressive Jackpots? The life changing game which will make your entire dream come true; is just a spin away. It is no rocket science to play these online or mobile slots. Just set the bet level, choose the number of coins, paylines and spin […]

Responsible Gambling is an endeavour taken up by the various online and mobile casino uk establishments, to counter the Gambling Disorder which some of the players may face. Just as we go to movies, restaurants, etc and spend within our budgets, Gambling should also be considered as a form of entertainment. Responsible Gambling means knowing the […]

How Casinos Attract The Women Gamblers

Posted on 24/04/2015

The casinos are no longer the domain of men. This is just the right time for the casinos to take note of the surge of women breaking the gender barrier. The more the merrier right, and with the rise of the women gamblers, the casinos are in the right mood (pun definitely intended). Women gamble […]

Gambling, Casinos and Movies make a deadly combination, period. The blitz, glamour and allure of the neon lights; spinning roulette wheels, shuffling of cards, rolling dice and the sweet sound of coins falling from the slot machines! Freebies, free drinks, meals and of course the pretty girls is the perfect backdrop for any casino themed […]

Hissing snakes, land of the undead, scarabs, Book of Dead, mummies – you get the picture right (pun intended). The stuff Hollywood moguls don’t fringe from trying out their latest gizmos and story lines on. The evergreen idea is the perfect script for raking in the millions. If you’re wondering whether shifting through the dirt […]

Gambler’s Fallacy And Online Players

Posted on 14/04/2015

Gambler’s Fallacy aka, Monte Carlo Fallacy is one term that crops up repeatedly in the casino literature. While most of the online players have their own theories on what number or colour will occur next, they will put it to practice with the Gambler’s Fallacy playing some part in their wagering decision making. Of all the […]

Nearly everyone has a Tablet or Smartphone by which they are constantly connected. Constantly wired to the Internet, they are bombarded with messages from every business in town, to try out their products. Social Media is the main reason for this boon or bane, depending on your view point. The mobile casino industry is making […]

There are numerous sites offering countless advices on ways avoid online roulette mistakes and how to play the online roulette game. Topping the list is also ways to win big and enjoy the game. We will let you in on some of the online roulette mistakes that the players usually make. Plus the ways to […]

Enjoy Fruit Games on the Move

Posted on 07/04/2015

Playing fruit games are just another day at the office for the thousands of mobile slots players. Comparatively simpler than the rest of the video slots, you don’t have to worry about intricate bonus games or long drawn out features needing your extra attention. And, the Jackpot Mobile Casino offers just the right mobile pocket […]

Liverpool v/s Arsenal Match Prediction!

Posted on 02/04/2015

This Saturday is going to be adrenaline pumping with the Arsenal and Liverpool clashing for a berth in the top four teams of the Premier League.  Set to fill the Emirates Stadium to maximum capacity, on Saturday, 4th April, this pivotal match between the third placed Arsenal and the fifth-placed Liverpool is set to bring […]