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Posted on 30/09/2015

Everyone loves free things, right? Well, with the free casino games, you’ll love them even more. Online casinos are bending over backwards to make your gaming experience as real as possible. Adding the free mobile casino games is just the starting in this endeavour. The free casino games are the best luring agent for them… Read More

There were times where we used to be stuck at our desktops to enjoy games, and with time we got the greatest gift – iPhones! But for how long could we rely on the same small screen? The same features and the same monotonous gaming experience? Thank you Apple for making it even more exciting… Read More

The fascinating Scratch Card Games we have always loved to rub to reveal puzzle pieces and symbols goes online now! Well, maybe the charm of scratching the silver panel is gone, but the excitement to know what’s inside remains the same. Traditionally, the player has to find the answer through the symbols lying under the… Read More

The Medusa II slot game is a sequel to the earlier and popular Medusa slot from NextGen Gaming. The earlier one had a very novel ancient Greek theme. Looking like a big treat from the ancient Greek, the snake haired lady is very much mistaken. She is quite generous when it comes to giving out… Read More

Hunger Games Mockingjay slot game!

Posted on 18/09/2015

Remember Effie Trinket’s quote from the Hunger Games:“May the odds be ever in your favour”. We’ll make it our tagline for our pipedream mobile slots game. Imagine if Katniss Everdeen, the strong willed, brave, and action packed heroine of the Hunger Games franchise, jumps over to the casino slots world. Here’s your chance to let… Read More

If casino game characters were on Tinder!

Posted on 18/09/2015

Tinder is changing and making new rules to the dating culture. A free location based mobile app, it is creating a dating revolution, breaking the rules and the acknowledged ways of dating. So imagine the situation where the top casino slots game characters make an appearance on Tinder! It would be a laugh riot swiping… Read More

Being a former Playboy girl definitely has both ups and downs. Just ask Holly Madison and she’ll vouch for it in her memoir book, “Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny”. Hefner certainly know how to woo women and with his reality show “The Girls Next Door”, it… Read More

“My suspense work comes out of creating nightmares for the audience. And I play with an audience. I make them gasp and surprise them and shock them.” – Alfred Hitchcock. If you haven’t watched the cult classic horror movie, Psycho; you can’t consider yourself to be a movie buff! Disturbing and equally terrifying, Psycho managed… Read More

It’s going to be an “Affair to Remember” this September (couldn’t resist mentioning the classic Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr movie). There is another movie, “Come September” starring the eternal star Rock Hudson and Gina Lollobrigida, which comes to mind when you think of September. Well, since we are talking of movies, NextGen have decided… Read More

Here are a few new signs that Draco Malfoy is an untold werewolf which are hard to digest… Draco Malfoy could be a werewolf! This speculation has been doing rounds for a while, but there is quite a few new and fairly fascinating indications for us to concentrate Since nobody apart from J.K Rowling can… Read More