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Christmas Bonus Offers – Find out what’s new at Jackpot Mobile Casino

This Christmas, Jackpot Mobile Casino brings you an arsenal of offers that you simply cannot look past. We are expecting some serious traffic because of the fact that the Christmas bonus offers are not only quick grabbers with limited time periods, but because of the fact that we simply have done our best to make sure that every winner is rewarded handsomely.

The best part about our offers is that everyone is a winner. We have structured our Christmas bonus offers such that every member in our casino gets something in his sack of Christmas surprises and the luckiest of our members get more. This time we have made our lucky draws easily winnable by including multiple entry features and really low amounts to enter our contests.

If you are wondering what we have in store for you, then get ready to be blown away by what you hear next.

Christmas Countdown

No Christmas is complete without counting down. Though the conventional countdown lasts for ten seconds right before Christmas starts, things are done differently in this Christmas bonus offer. Countdown at Jackpot Mobile Casino starts on 17th December and goes on for 6 days up to 22nd December. And no, we are not stopping on 22nd because Christmas is on 23rd! We simply have something better planned for those days!

The Christmas countdown offer is a combination of 6 different bonuses for Christmas. Each Christmas bonus lasts for a period of 24 hours. To be a part of Christmas Countdown, all you need to do is regularly log in to your account!

Wondering what you get if you do so?

Thursday 17th December – You get a 100% bonus up to £ 100!
Friday 18th December – Deposit £50 or more and get 25 free spins!
Saturday 19th December – You get a 200% bonus up to £ 200!
Sunday 20th December – Play for £ 100 on slots and get £ 50 in bonus!
Monday 21st December – Just log in for a Mystery Bonus!
Tuesday 22nd December – 100% deposit bonus up to £200!

The Christmas Countdown boost offers are not partial based on luck. All our members deserve a good Christmas, and all of them get the bonuses if they do as directed!

If you think that our Christmas bonus cannot get better than this, then wait till you hear what’s in store for you from 23rd t o 29th December!

Call Santa

If you have liked Christmas Countdown, then you will love the Call Santa Christmas bonus offer. This Christmas, one lucky winner from Jackpot Mobile Casino will get the latest mobile phone in the market with a cost of about £500!

If you think you are that lucky winner, then all you need to do is enter the Call Santa lucky draw. To do so, simply make a deposit of £10!

If you think that luck might not favour you, then you can enter the contest multiple times as every deposit of £10 gets you an assured entry!