Online Mobile Slot Terms/Glossary

Posted on 14/01/2015

For a new online mobile slot player, to enjoy the game as well as dealing with how to play the slots game, you must be familiar with the common terms or lingo of the slot game. To avoid all the confusion and become a good slots player, here is a list of the terms which… Read More

Since the starting days of the online casino gambling; the casinos had a tough time dealing with the bonus abusers. Initially the welcome bonuses were offered to any new player, as an incentive for making them play at their casinos. They were given free cash upon successful registration. This increased in the number of players… Read More

New Networking Mobile App from ICE Totally Gaming ICE Totally Gaming Conference is now available as a free iOS and Android App to be recognised as the official mobile app for Network in the Gaming Industry One of the biggest gaming events that will take place in 2015 is the ICE Totally Gaming Conference. Scheduled… Read More

Special Christmas Bonanza throughout December from JMC Say Adios to 2014 and splurge your last few December days with the delicious and helpful offers from the Jackpot Mobile Casino! Packed with goodies and promotions, we will make this year end fun and top up your bankroll too! Take a spin at playing our games while… Read More

The burst of mobile technology is a sure fire way for the casinos to capitalize on the growing customer base. With mobile devices in almost all the player’s hands, it’s the next strategy adopted by the casinos to foray into the mobile gaming scenario. Offering mobility and convenience, this is the mobile players escape route… Read More

Making a payment to your casino account is a simple affair, provided there is no hassle involved. It can turn into a disaster with a simple mistake, either from your side or from the Mobile Casinos. Employing common sense and the modern payment options available which suits your banking needs, you can make a successful… Read More

There is no better way of making extra cash, than to gamble. Of course, it’s a personal choice. But you can make the most of it by playing it with a degree of restraint and common sense. Mobile Slots are the most favoured and popular of the mobile casino games out there. With a simple… Read More