Guns n Roses has been one of the legendary bands that contributed to the rock/metal music genre since the 80’s. With some amazing records sold around the world, the band is still remembered for its music by all generations. Though the band’s glorious times did end with the tiffs between the band’s front man Axl… Read More

Vegas Casino – Sins of Sin City

Posted on 25/01/2016

Going to Las Vegas might be a dream for almost every person on earth who loves to gamble. Clearly, with a motto that says what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas the immediate picture that pops into our mind is about all the fun in store and the wild things that you can do there…. Read More

Top 10 Badass Boxing Movies

Posted on 20/01/2016

There is nothing more inspiring than people fight in a boxing ring, giving it everything they have got for a life outside the ring. There have been hundreds of movies on this sport released but very few deserve a credit. Here are some of the best boxing movies there ever has been. 10. Ali There… Read More

Ever since its start, Jackpot Mobile Casino has been a prime destination for all Online Casino Gamers because of the two things. You find the best games in this site and you get the best online casino bonus in this site. In this month of New Year, Jackpot Mobile Casino kick-started with a bunch of… Read More

Playing online roulette is a hot topic when discussing any mobile casinos. The many advantages of playing roulette online, is what drives them to have separate section for it on their websites. Occupying the centre place in a land based casino, the roulette wheel is the biggest draw for it. Right from the early 19th… Read More

It’s New Year and what better way is there to welcome it rather than a bunch of new and exciting games with a bunch of new features, gameplay and tons of rewards. Jackpot Mobile Casino is proud to announce that a bunch of new slot games on Games Galore promotion has been added to the… Read More

The working of the online casinos is a like well oiled machine. Every aspect of the casino is handled with precision and accuracy. The players will look out only for those casinos which are recognised and approved by the Online Gaming Associations. That should be the case, since you are dealing with the real money… Read More

Online Casino Gaming Software

Posted on 04/01/2016

Gaining monopoly on the casino gaming industry are only a small number of gaming software companies or providers. It became quite apparent in the early days of casino gaming that creating gaming software and providing quality customer service to the players were two different things. It required a lot of time, patience and dedication. Instead,… Read More

Play Volatile High Risk Slots and Win Big

Posted on 02/01/2016

Look at any online slot and you probably find words like 97% RTP. Sounds like its part of some mathematical equation. Well, it should not deter you from playing the online slots. It is just to remind you of the winning percentage that is guaranteed to the players by the casinos. Hence, it is appropriately… Read More

Before getting into how 3D secure works at a casino, we should probably look into what it is? 3D secure is an internet payment authentication system. It is very similar to that of the chip which is embedded in a credit or debit card. It contains a password which only the holder knows. Similarly when… Read More